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Today, some aggressive asshole was tailgating me on my way home, bumping into me twice. I got scared and kicked my car into high gear and got out of there. Seconds later, a traffic cop came out of nowhere and pulled me over for speeding. FML
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inkdeath87 18

Tell the officer what happened! Don't take the punishment for someone else's stupidity!!!

If he bumped into you twice, I hope you at least got call his information or at least his license!


inkdeath87 18

Tell the officer what happened! Don't take the punishment for someone else's stupidity!!!

Usually, cops don't sympathize they'll tell you that you could've just pulled over or switched lanes instead of speeding. But, I hope the cop goes easy on OP.

caralily 10

I think even after the fact the ticket can be fought in court. Most places allow reasonable speeding in instances of defensive driving. If you told the officer at the time of ticket issue and especially if you gave him plate numbers or a description of the dangerous car, claiming necessity will often get the charges dropped.

This wouldn't qualify as an exigent circumstance for a ticket to be dropped by law. OP. could've easily pulled over so the driver could pass instead of speeding. There's obviously something missing in this situation.

Wowxoxo 17

Honestly, if you don't like getting tailgated, why be a dick? Just pull over to the next lane. Granted he bumped into your car (get his info) but I have no sympathy for dumb/aggressive/ or spiteful drivers. The cop may have sympathy but it depends in how fast you were speeding, how big your boobs are, and how much you're crying.

nurchok 15

What a pig. They're never around when you need them, but will always be there to pull you over and issue a ticket to fill their stupid quota...

FYLinAmajorWay 1

Should have just slammed on your brakes.

lorraineald 7

You should've called the police, tell them where you are and that there is a reckless driver bumping into your car. They will either come and arrest the driver or give you instructions to get out of that situation legally.

alexwow1 13

Same happen to me i got a 330 dollar ticket and I told the cop everything

Its a conspirancy, the cops have this all planned out!

PterodactylMan 23

OP didnt expect a little bump and grind

The suggested course of action when dealing with a tail gater is to change lanes if on a multilane road or in the case of a single lane road slow down and slightly shift your lane position to the right. This gives the tail gater a better chance of not hitting your car if you need to slow down or brake.

If he bumped into you twice, I hope you at least got call his information or at least his license!

Probably not since OP was in front of the idiot driver, then speed away.

Just explain to him what happened. I'm sure he'll understand you thought you were in a terrible action film.

Misswildsides 22

A terrible action film? Where someone bumps into you twice?

I think they mean "terrible action film" as in it was a sucky movie.

Misswildsides 22

Oops. I thought they meant as in it was incredibly dangerous. My bad.

Yeah, you gotta tell the cop what happened and hopefully they'll understand

Tell him what happened. If that ever happens again call the cops in the first place. I know it's unsafe to call while driving but that should be an exception

Yeah, I would have told him why I was speeding. Don't they usually ask you why you were speeding?

Actually, 25, they usually ask if you were aware you were speeding and if there was a reason for it.

Real life conversation with a cop after being pulled over... "Do you know why I pulled you over?" "Depends. How long have you been behind me?" "You were speeding." "Oh. Yeah. That." "Do you know how fast you were going?" "Depends. Did you clock me before or after I slowed down for that curve?" Yeah. It didn't go well.

You should've bumped into that freak's ass.

Yeah I agree OP should return sexual favors. It's common courtesy.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Did you at least explain what happened?