By gimmeasalad - 21/04/2012 06:01 - United States - Walnut Creek

Today, as I was washing my boyfriend's fishbowl, the fish did a Nemo and made an unholy leap down the drain. My immediate impulse was to flip the switch. Our kitchen now smells like mutilated fish and my boyfriend won't speak to me. FML
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F the fishes life ! Ouch

Your reaction was to shred the fish? Angry much?


Lol ew

HoboSmeller 6

who the hells first reaction is to turn on the disposal when something is down there, what, do you have tourettes?

Birdie_Sage 0

The boyfriend must be so sad... Buy him a new Nemo! It'll be better than the old one!

Treat him to sushi as a sorry gift :)

23-That's ****** up. Seriously.

34... Good thing you don't know my uncles ^_^ That statement I said were only 1/10th as offensive as it could be ^^ I don't take things too seriously, so sorry if it did not suit your tastes ^^

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^I thumbed you down because of your username.

I_Punch_Babies' username isn't much different from BABYPUNCHINGGUY. Both stupid usernames, and neither of them very original. It's a shame, really.

yum. free sushi. :D

23- I'm having sushi tonight soo... now this is all I'm going to think of :/ but it's ok because you're a brony ^^ you still need to be about 20% cooler, though.

Yeah, because whether or not someone is a brony should always be a major deciding factor. This is why no one likes y'all.

#119 so it's only okay if you're a brony? How does that make any sense? #224 that could have been a great comment, had you not put down a group of people for liking a show and telling them 'no one likes' them.

F the fishes life ! Ouch

Fuck the boyfriend's life too, I hope it wasn't an expensive fish!

Hey OP You must be the one they call "fish killer", AKA the dentist's niece. Hence, I shall agree to F your boyfriend and his fish's life, and say that YDI. Now anymore slip ups like that, and I'll make sure you swim with the fishes... Kapeesh? Here, buy your boyfriend something nice, eh? Mario! Cancel my 5 o'clock... Be glad my girl, this conversation saved a few souls due for a -uh- meeting with my tommy here...

25 how is agreeing to **** her boyfriend going to help? Lol.

Maybe the fish was ******* expensive as hell

31 "f your boyfriend and his fishes life" read the whole sentence, key word being life.

Seems nobody detected my sarcasm, despite writing "lol" at the end. Oh well.

#14 I don't hope anyone buys an expensive fish... All they do is swim around with an empty look in their faces and you have to feed them, but not to much cause then they'll explode. No offense to fish owners but... Sounds pointless.

This wouldn't have even happened if she just took the fish out of the bowl first like a normal person...

Lol 31 I thought you were just being you and that maybe you just read wrongly or something, then you ruin it with 48, which, I can assure you, doesn't look like sarcasm... I think the explanation you're looking for is that you were joking. Can you detect by my "lol" at the start that I'm pissed off (which I'm not)? Same logic

Mearemoi 14

I'll be assuming it's a freshwater fish and not a saltwater fish (because it's in a bowl), and usually, freshwater fish aren't that expensive.

Whatever 69, havnt you got better things to do than rant about other peoples comments?

Seems like we have a homicide/suicide case on our hands.

LSS: Your comment wasn't sarcasm. It was a terrible joke. I don't plan on getting in an argument right now, so I'll just leave it at that. Enjoy the rest of your day.

What, did I hit a nerve? All I did was point out the difference between sarcasm and jokes, I wasn't spiting you or anything, so why get so worked up? Yeah but whatever, off to "find better things to do" now

Oh, so is that how you communicate sarcasm on the Internet now? That is a life saver, I'm gonna use that from now on! Lol

yadisingh 5

Lmao, what life?

57. To an empty minded person all they do is swim, but they actually express behavior patterns. Not every fish is alike, even if they are the same species. I own a $150 lieutenant Tang in my $5000 reef tank. Now, this guys fish was probably freshwater, more than likely a Betta or a goldfish because he had it on a bowl so not too expensive.

138- hahahaha! I knew some loony would come and try to tell me that fish are very deep and special creatures... Please! They only remember for 3 seconds or something. An you are calling me empty minded? You know, it's funny how people like you all of a sudden knows everything about me from reading one comment, right... You don't! Shut up!

justanotherbird 19

166, you're an idiot. You clearly spew "facts" without any research of your own. Fish can actually be trained to respond to sounds and have long term memory capabilities to such things. I'd post a link to the study, but that isn't allowed on fml. Feel free to educate yourself with a study search. Even if they were "empty brained", who gives a shit? Some people own them because they are pretty, interesting, or just enjoy the hobby. I'd say fish are probably as "pointless" as any other decoration or hobby, so why would anyone ever buy ANYTHING enjoyable or attractive, in accordance to your logic? FYI, I don't own fish and have no desire to, just felt like responding to your ridiculousness.

I'm surprised that your boyfriends immediate impulse wasn't to break up with you

166, I would respond to your stupidity, irrationalism and empty headedness but 172 already took care of it pretty well. Please do your research before making yourself look stupid.

AceArctic 4

"F the fish's life!" Anyone else see the problem with this comment?

Explain to me more about your empty minded and over priced fish, and I will explain to you what a ****** feels like

raney150 0

Why do people on the Internet try to insult people by saying they don't have sex? And why do people think that when someone is interested in something they aren't that it means they don't have sex?

Because they obviously do not know anything about the subject, feel lost, so they decide to attack the person instead. This just proves his lack of intelligence.

OP... you monster D:

Oh well. Maybe next time he will clean his own bloody fish bowl

That's what I was thinking. Some sort of PMS induced sadistic revenge, perhaps?

Yep. Some women have all the fun

before he does that hes gotta clean up the bloody disposal first

Better watch his fingers

...and make sure his gf isnt near the switch

P. Sherman 42, Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australlia I still remember dat shit!

Your reaction was to shred the fish? Angry much?

It's probably OP's psychotic sadistic merciless side of her she isn't aware of, yet.

24 - We call that PMS

52 - It's called being a girl....

Funny how the expression "to flip the switch" means- to go from calm to total rage in seconds, so you might not be too far off with anger issues. :P

glutgyoogle 6

I know when I see something fall down the drain that isn't supposed to I immediately try and destroy it.

97 - That's what you get for years of supressing...

Fish are friends, not food

Am i the only one who actually thought that you were supposed to take the fish out while cleaning its tank?

Its like he committed fishicide.. Did you mean to turn on the light perhaps and hit the disposal by accent? Oh dear... That's just really, really, bad luck...

No he was murdered in "cold blood" by the girlfriend. Let us have a moment of silence for the one they call Fish.

Very true since instead of immediately reaching in to try and grab the fish like I would, she automatically turned on the disposal.

she shouldve put her hand in the disposal while it was turned on

41- Just shut up. The mods need to just block you from this site because you always make bullshit comments.

It's the "mutilated fish" part that got to me

fylx100 19

This FML ruined my entire night. I was catching on FML's this weekend and now I'm just going to bed after this one.

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Where's Nemo???

Dead and mutilated in the drain.

We're finding him

OhLohd111 11

In pieces.

how was that your immediate impulse? I can't even think of the stream of thought your brain went through to decide to mutilate the fish and thinking that was the right choice!

The words "immediate" and "impulse" imply that there was no stream of thought, decision, or thinking whether flipping the switch was the right or wrong choice.

Even so, it's a very strange impulse to have. If a watch or a pet fell down the drain, it only makes sense to see if it's stuck in the drain (and if you're lucky, rescue the item)...or at least let the fish go through the pipes. Then you can pretend to yourself that it eventually made it to the sewers and swam away. It's strange to automatically have the reaction of chopping up ANYTHING that falls into the drain.

Hope for her sake and her bf's safety she wont have the same reaction if they get their hand stuck in it..

Sorry number 50 but , I disagree. It's not her pet so why would she put as much attention/thought into it as her boyfriend? And it's a simple reaction. Not weird at all. When food goes down the drain, what do you do? Turn on garbage disposal. Honestly.

@#116:!! Just because it's not her pet, doesn't mean she shouldn't care about ending it's life. So if someone's dog accidentally walked in front of your car, and your first impulse was to hit the accelerator and kill it, that would be perfectly ok because it's not your own pet? I know a dog isn't exactly comparable to a fish, but it's pretty dickish to not care about the pet of someone you supposedly love. Hell, I had college roomates who owned things like fish and mice. And when they were out of town, I'd feed them and look after them. Why? Because it's dickish to let an animal die just because it isn't your own pet. And I don't know why you'd even bring food into this. Food is SUPPOSED to be chopped up in the drain. People's pets (especially pets of those you love) aren't! Most people can tell the difference!

Come to think of it, don't a lot of people accidentally drop silverware partway down the drain pretty frequently? OP must have a lot of mangled utensils if the first reaction they have to things going into the drain is to flip the disposal on.

Light switches are usually pretty close to the switch that activates grinder. At my 2 houses, they are opposite of each other, so super confusing

"unholy leap" is another one I think I'll use.

Why was the poor little fishy so close to the sink in the first place? I put my fishy in a temporary bowl while I'm cleaning his tank, FAR away from the sink should he actually jump out.

You're a gøød fishy owner. ^_^