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  2035  |  9

Says everyone who's devoutly religious or just simply can't get any.

  Palirose  |  22

25- some people choose to not have sex for religious reasons or they themselves just aren't ready. Im 21 and I am still a virgin. I chose to stay one until marriage for religion and personal choice. Just because you choose to live a certain life style doesn't mean others have to live that way as well.

  DocBastard  |  38

2035 - I'm sure you're "getting some" multiple times a day because you're a big studly stud and women drop their pants at the mere sight of you.

I'd bet you're a closet virgin yourself.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Adding to 25's and 29's comment, I was a virgin until I was 20. 20 years old doesn't seem like a big deal but apparently it was, when I moved to Southern CA, being 19 years old. I had a big chest starting at a very young age. I kept it for myself until I felt I was ready. I didn't let anyone pressure me. OP, I hope you stay one until you're ready. It's your choice and I believe it's fantastic that you're sticking to your ground and not doing something just to fit in with others.

  panda_lou  |  11

I waited until I was 23 to have sex for the first time. I was waiting for a man that I felt comfortable with and gave me no doubts. I don't regret my choice at all. I know a LOT of girls that gave it up early because they didn't want it anymore or they were pressured. All of them regret it 100%.

  evilscorpi  |  29

I kinda regret my first. but I feel you have to learn. from your mistakes, when I hear someone is a virgin past 19 I give them props because they choose to hold on to something powerful. no need to rush into something because of others.

  VampTat  |  10

#25- I'm not a virgin, but I haven't been sexually active for 2 years. I lost it at 17, and I sometimes wish that I hadn't wasted my time because sex to me is overrated and I simply lack interest. I've never had any problems getting laid when I wanted to and I'm an atheist. So there ya have it. It has nothing to do with religion, or not feeling attractive enough or finding the right guy yet. Don't judge or make assumptions on something you don't know anything about.

  ehllychan  |  10

I'm 22 and I'm still a virgin by personal choice. I'm not religious, and even look at occasional porn. It's not like I "can't get any" either, if I wanted to lose my virginity right now, there's several guys I could call that would gladly take it.
I simply don't have much of an interest in it, so I'm saving it for when I find someone I really want to have sex with.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

I lost my virginity at 27, though I had a couple of near misses at 20. Being a virgin is about a choice and not about whether you can "get any". There were plenty of girls willing to give it away if I'd wanted to go that route. People should be free to chose their sexual direction without this stupid stigma.

  CaptTeemo  |  10

Glad to see some people still have values. Not trying to downgrade people who choose to lose virginity sooner than others, but that some people actually are ok with being a virgin.

  Eiregal2  |  10

I lost mine earlier then I'm proud off but over the years I decided out of respect for my body I would be celibate. Ten years going now, but I ever find that special person (bi ) then ya, lets do this. But until then, don't really need it and luckily I don't even miss it.

  r_bruce69  |  19

At what point did 25 say that people had to have sex earlier? Or even give an opinion? 25 just said that the reason that people stay virgins for what is considered a long time is if they can't get any or are very religious. Just like you (being the latter). So we don't need to hear you life story.


I'm 16 so it's no big whoop, my biggest issue is, I have been ill and have been having problems with my period. The doctor asked me if I've had sex which is fine, up until the point where he repeatedly asked me. The fact that being 16 and a virgin is hard to believe makes me sad. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years yesterday but I don't think I'm ready, other teens pester me about laughing when I reply I haven't had sex. No religion either, not atheist, I kinda just think that we should follow the law and be good to eachother.

  noelykins1  |  19

@61 - I lost mine when I was 15. Not because I just wanted to get rid of it but because I felt completely ready. I was comfortable with person and with myself. I don't regret it. However I also haven't had sex again since then. I just haven't felt comfortable enough with anyone else yet. However it is sad when I see girls who lost theirs younger than I. Or girls who simply just want to feel like they are sexy because a male out his penis in her vagina. Sadly we can't change that, but there is always hope.

  Bubbelz  |  24

What if everybody here is in a troll conspiracy to lure actual virgins to come out?

This conversation gives me a group therapy feeling. Everybody's sitting in a circle and adding their 2 cents on a touchy subject.


It's wonderful that he's a Virgin, but the issue here is the Doctor not believing the patient. As a nurse this type of behavior from a doctor sickens me. The Doctor should respect the patient and test him for other things because he expressed being a virgin.

  Kitten_love  |  22

That happened to me once. I went to the doctor's office with a UTI and he asked me if I currently was or ever have been sexually active. When I said no, the doctor looked bewildered. I was 20 at the time and he couldn't believe that a college student was not sexually active. He told me I should be honest with him and when I told him I was, he tried prescribing me birth control. Two years later, still a virgin.
I respect other's choices, I just choose to wait. My boyfriend doesn't want to deal with pregnancy nor the cost of birth controls and neither do I. So we wait :)

  the_smart_way  |  10

I believe some STDs can also be hereditary, so it's entirely possible to be a virgin with an STD. I'd have a talk with your parents if you can, I could be completely wrong on this but it's worth a bit of research.
Still, if a doctor isn't listening, that is very unprofessional and you should seek a second opinion.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Plus, some doctors are wrong. My wife had this very thing happen to her and it was very traumatic. She got a second opinion which contradicted the first, and she's never been back to that first doctor.

  primadonna9396  |  16

Yep it's definitely possible for the mother to have had something while she was pregnant and passed it on. In the case of oral herpes it's easy to get just from kissing, sharing makeup/chapstick, that sort of thing. I've even heard of one case where genital herpes had been passed on via using a wet towel that an infected person had used but I don't think that's very common. You can't catch any STDs from a toilet seat, there might be some E. coli or staph on a particularly filthy one but most of the live bacteria or viruses are hanging out on the doorhandles and faucets.

  livamour  |  17

I don't think the doctor was being unprofessional. A lot of people lie to their doctors about having sex, smoking, drinking etc. If she has symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease then of course the doctor would doubt she's a virgin.

By  perdix  |  29

She's practicing evidence-based medicine. She's diagnosed an STD, so she'll treat an STD. Once the thing that appears to be an STD responds to the treatment and clears up, you can go on your merry way.

There's no need to bore everyone with your lies, fabrications, delusions, etc. Just because you contracted an STD, don't think we all think you are a dirty slut. (But, some of us might ;) )

  perdix  |  29

#22, aw, I'm sorry, in Soviet Russia, the machine is in the man.

Today, I'm a lame pun trying to hide and some douche exposed me to the world. FML.


YDI for being a whore, so go make some sammiches.

Now, your comment isn't the worst in the thread. I'm willing to take one for the team ;)


48-But the sun's too bright, the wind's too harsh and people are too...human. I think I'll stay inside. ;)

PenguinBitch- Well, I think that would take too long. I'm behind a couple hundred updates.

By  NickaPLZ  |  26

That's pretty weird... Not you being a virgin, but I mean having symptoms of and STD...

  IscoreOnU  |  19

118- it's a fact you can't get stds or preganant from toilet seats. Actually it's impossible to get a lot of things from the as most diseases die when they aren't in life sustaining conditions. Aside from hep b idk what else could be caught in this way. (Terrible disease speaking) I know you can catch random shit from well random shit.

By  wlddog  |  14

Sounds like an app would serve you better. They just give you a list of possible causes, without the lack of lip. Kind of goes with your lack of contact with other things.