By bdiddy - United States
Today, I moved in with my brother to save on a swanky apartment. I was skeptical as to how this would work out as we fought a lot as kids. Our first big fight? Whether or not to keep his dorm-style futon complete with Return of the Jedi sheets. He's a 35-yr old physician; I'm a 28-yr old lawyer. FML
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  diet_otaku  |  0

it would be nice if people quit assuming that the brother was already there when OP moved in. for all we know they moved into the apartment at the same time, in which case OP does have a say in the decor, and really if his brother is so attached to that futon/those sheets, he should just move it into his room.

  crazyfuzzy  |  0

I agree. All she said was that she moved in with him. That could easily mean that they both moved into an apartment at the same time. Perhaps they were both looking to move, wanted a nicer place than either could afford alone, and decided to move into a new place that they chose together.

  StraightUp  |  1

She said she moved in with her brother to save on a swanky apartment. I'm pretty sure she means they both moved into a swanky apartment, at the same time, to save money. Instead of renting a crappy apartment each.

  alliwannado  |  0

I agree with #42: To the people saying: "let him decorate it the way he wants". They are sharing a space! I'm sure if her brother was placing the futon in his bedroom, there wouldn't be an issue-- but imagine it in, say, a living room? What about when the OP wants to have guests over? There's that awkwardness of having Jedis staring at you while you're trying to be a mature host.

  DietBroccoli  |  0

Would have had the same fight because you're a commanding bitch more like.

He's his own person. I doubt you would change your wardrobe or decor just because your sibling told you to. Don't be a hypocrite and let them do what makes them happy if it doesn't hurt you.

I hate selfish people like you.

  yuop77  |  0

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  Epikouros  |  31

I think saving money is just an excuse for sleeping together. Why would she obsess about her brother's bed if she didn't have to sleep in it? Incest is not just for hillbillies.

  Shaiath  |  0

My sister and I are 14 years apart. 8 years isn't that hard to believe.

How would you NOT want return of the jedi sheets? That sounds awesome. x3


My youngest brother and I have a 13 year age gap. o_0 What are you, retarded?

@OP: Hahahaha! That's cute, I hafta say it. X3 Those do sound like awesome sheets, though... maybe he can move them?

By  mehwhateverr  |  0

#9, you're an idiot. my sister is 20 years older than i am. large age gaps do happen between siblings.

anyway, if it was his house in the first place and he LET you move in, then YDI. you shouldn't try to make him get rid of his stuff.