By andromeda80 - United States - Lakewood
Today, someone spray painted a black skull on the side of my house. We painted over it and installed lights to hopefully persuade intruders not to vandalize the property because it would be a bright area. The lights were stolen. FML
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  mwrc8man94  |  1

No no no I'm not sure you understand, you see this was their plan all along, they want OP to keep putting up defense mechanisms so that they can take them and use them around the house. So OP if you want to buy them a family pet and an all-purpose knife then by all means, get a dog and a machete.

  Cad6  |  24

These are methods you could try, level notes the intensity or danger of the method.

Level 1 option: Install tall lamps, like street lights. (Dumbass.)
Level 2 option: Buy mousetraps. (Might cause a slight disturbance.)
Level 3 option: Install security cameras. (Just gave a thief some new cameras.)
Level 4 option: Hire a security guard. (You're a pussy.)
Level 5 option: Install electric trip wires. (A little worse than a bee sting.)
Level 6 option: Dig holes in your lawn and fill them with snakes. (Medieval strategy ftw.)
Level 7 option: Vicious attack dogs. (Make sure to clean the blood.)
Level 8 option: Automated metal bb turrets. (Ouch.)
Level 9 option: Play Justin Bieber music when noise is heard. (It is sure to scare away any creepers.)
Level 10 option: Landmines. (Short 'n' sweet, get the job done.)

  alycion  |  38

I have a few cheap cameras up. Works like a dream. Adt and a doggie are a bonus. Actually the cameras and alarm system lowered my insurance rates. Foscam makes decent ones and if searched for someone has them on sale usually. An iPhone app makes it so I can watch wherever and vitamind let's me record in case something happens. There were a few incidents nearby so we put them up. Recently a neighbor started acting up and destroying people's cars. She knew I had the cameras and my stuff was left alone.

  olpally  |  32

Agreed... Or just camp outside with a gun and lay low in the trenches, Then surprise the bastards when they do this and *cock your shotgun* and say "let's rock, bitches!" hahahaha I'm evil >:) that'll scare them for sure! :)

  runnamuk  |  6

Teen- Obviously this wasn't serious, ever heard of being facetious? Quick way of checking if something is serious or not: Does it sound too ridiculous to be true? If so, how about you just assume it is.

  metalwolf  |  17

old computer: 50 dollars
cheap webcam: 20 dollars
Linux os: free
knowing you built a camera with the same features as a high end camera with scrap parts: priceless

By  BunBunBabe  |  8

Leave a camera facing that area out and catch them, plain and simple. Either spray paint back for revenge, or be mature and turn in the tape to get them for it.

  taco_bender  |  12

19- i like your picture bro. Makes me laugh everytime. Hahahaha. Anyways. What we do in the mexican side of town is get a whole bunch of friends and make a cook out. The essays will appreciate the free food and they will take care of your house for a couple of weeks.