By Username - 07/03/2010 17:41 - France

Today, the guy that I have been seeing for over a year left on a business trip. While straightening out his room as a favor, I noticed he took his condoms with him. FML
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Sounds like he's planning on doin some side business too

right... straightening out his room as a favour... lmao


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@1.: lmao! your histaricaly positive X-D

he just doesn't wanna be messy when he thinks of you

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Just because he took his condoms doesn't mean he's having sex with other women. What if he doesn't want to make a mess when he pleases himself? I would still ask him about it though.

I'm wondering what the destination was

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Sweeden. Best place to find hot girls that wanna sleep with Americans.

my boyfriend did that once to...but all I kept thinking was atleast he's not going to come back with anything! he did go on a buissness trip just away from u and a whole new place all new people he wants to get some. it's not like your going to b there but I'm sure that would be a fun night

i think he might hve taken them so u dont cheat on him?

fisheatsbear) Its obvious the destination is some hot little senioritas ass in Cancun. Silly question.

maybe you were all out and he just took the box to the recylceing bin.. you never know he might use them to ********** and may be thinking about YOU ! trying to optimistic ;)

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Who are you going to make food for now?

maybe he brought them for a friend...or surprise butt secks with his boss... either or

"Business Trip" *wink wink*; *nudge nudge*; *chortle; chortle*.

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@119 Are you having sex or something? Or is that just you trying to push your penis inward?

^not funny. and yeah op, that sucks. but maybe he wont use them. ?

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hmmmm. I liked Ajjas so much better when he didn't have his pic up. Now he looks kind of like a nerdy guy who has no life.

@ juniorsgay: WTF? Do you and your bf have an open relationship or something? OP, is it possible you were just out? It seems like a stupid thing to do since condoms can be bought anywhere. Unless tidying his room is code for snooping through his things.

at least you won't have stepchildren...but that still sucks. he could at least cover it up by leaving the condoms in his room and then just buy more on the trip!

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I think he is pushing his penis inward

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it was probly a trap so he could catch you goin through his sheit.

maybe he is wanting to wack off and not make a mess on the trip 0_o

YDI for referring to straightening out his room as a favor. It's a duty!

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well you know what they say... different area code different lay lol

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Why, don't you go surprise him, and show up at the hotel he is staying at.

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he didn't want you using them lol

Right, because she can't just go to the store and get some more.

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#22 you are an evil person, metroids are my pets

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^^^You just made my day! lmao!!

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Yea, Right. There's another adverb for "straightening his room, as a favor" it's called SNOOPING.

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did you know chortled was actually sniglrt made by Lewis Carrol and became so popular it was featured in the English language

This. Also you shouldn't really be snoopin' around in the first place. Clean it, then get out.

The "guy" you've been seeing for a year? You mean your boyfriend? =/

He's definitely not her boyfriend now...

Sounds like he's planning on doin some side business too

Uh-oh... hopefully he won't need them.

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Well that is beside the point. It's the intention.

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lol fyl that sucks. you should **** some dudes wile he's gone.

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agree! op my number is 315-560...

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Yeah, "let's cheat on him before he has the chance to cheat on you! Get even before you get out! That would teach him a lesson!!" Seriously?! That is terrible. "hey OP, ***** youself out since he is cheating on you." No.. How about you BREAK UP with him BEFORE you sleep with someone else? Have a little class.

Um...I'm pretty sure they were joking.

i agree why would you break up with a guys whos cheating to be a ****??? anyways your right

At least he won't pick up any STDs to give to you =)

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There is the bright side! :)

or have a baby mailed to him in 9 months

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Well, if it fits it's shipped, right?