By AnonymousAmber - 31/10/2014 23:10 - United States - Yadkinville

Today, my best friend told me that she was a virgin again because she hadn't had sex in 6 months. She's 19 and actually believes it. FML
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pwnman 33

Hope she doesn't reproduce!

moonstar986 5

The whole concept of born again virginity is idiotic. Once it's gone you can't get it back


pwnman 33

Hope she doesn't reproduce!

Teens these days will believe anything!

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Sorry people can't take sarcasm

This generation...

Yet again, another person criticising the entire generation due to one person.. Please, give it a break!

RussRuss 7

oh yeah cause stupidity really never existed before

...has the usual few twits.

It must be "reborn innocence" or something that she's thinking. If that were true, many mothers would be virgins...

moonstar986 5

The whole concept of born again virginity is idiotic. Once it's gone you can't get it back

Because of religious reasons, my sister also claimed to be a "born again virgin". She didn't have sex for 3 years and waited until her wedding day with her husband. I admire her for her beliefs and dedication. It's not anyone's right to knock someone down just because you don't understand its meaning to that individual.

ChristianH39 30

Believing it and it having meaning to someone still, unfortunately, doesn't make it so. But if thinking they're a virgin again makes someone feel better Its not my place to judge.

I don't think it's fair for you to knock someone that believes in born again virginity. Those people know they are not technically a virgin (hence the name). It's a belief that they are starting over fresh and making a promise to themselves to change their ways. There is nothing wrong with that and I personally find it commendable that they are starting fresh and following through with what they believe. Op's friend on the other hand doesn't mention anything about being a born again virgin or this having anything to do with religious beliefs. It sounds as if she just actually thinks that every 6 mths your virginity is renewed, which is actually something that can be laughed at. Op as her friend you should try to educate her on the subject, have another friend back you up for proof. :)

It apparently works for British Royalty

dannnngthatsux 19

And that means not being a virgin makes you hell walking on two feet? It's bullshit. You want to say, "I regret what I did before, but I can do better now, and I admire those who actually are virgins." GREAT!!!! I support you 1000%. I wish my wife and I had met each other before we meet others. We didn't. So stop lying and insulting other people because they screwed up like you.

salvorican 24

Did she fail sex ed or?...

Probably? but maybe she meant that from now on she wont have sex! who knows? Maybe we will get a follow up.

Ummm... Isnt it 10 Months actually?

rocker_chick23 27

Another victim of abstinence only education.

If she believes that she is not mature enough for sex in the first place...

dannnngthatsux 19

Then she's learned wisdom, but virginity is like birth and death. It is or it isn't. You're either dead or you're not. If she said that at first, she might still be a virgin.

I'm really trying not to make a Supernatural reference here...