By Anonymous - 30/10/2012 00:39 - United States

Today, I broke a nail at school. The edge kept getting caught on things, so I thought I could file it down by rubbing it on my jeans. Apparently it looked like I was doing something else, because I was called into the principal's office to discuss why "certain things" should be done in private. FML
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xSonic 9

Right....filing down your nails. Mmhmm

That's a good cover story OP, but we know that you were twiddling your twaddle. We know.


xSonic 9

Right....filing down your nails. Mmhmm

iOceanus 18
imavelociraptor 6

Also.. If OP is a male, his nails shouldn't be long enough to break off anyway...

Isn't there other parts of your jeans to rub on?

Maybe OP wanted to file his/her nail and rub his/her parts at the same time

siickman 7

Who wears short-shorts? Op wears short shorts.(It's a chant)

iamabamf 17

Who's a dumbass? You're a dumbass. Oh, sorry, I was continuing the chant.

kellygirl83 11

Why were you rubbing any where near that area? Side of your leg should have been enough.

Maybe OP was using their zipper as a nail file.

6 - I've done that before. Only made things worse.

Op never stated that she wasn't doing it on the side of her leg... Sometimes people are just nosy bitches and spread rumors when they don't know what is going on. Or, just to be an ass, someone could've told the teacher knowing full and well that she wasn't masturbating.

Because when sitting in a school desk the most available spot to rest your hand, much less file your nail is your upper thigh....

That's a good cover story OP, but we know that you were twiddling your twaddle. We know.

4, Is "twaddle" the term used for both men and womens' private areas? Or are you assuming it is a guy or girl? FMLers, please don't attack me, I'm really curious and feel out of the loop if that word has been being used and this is my first time seeing reading/hearing it.

14- it's a made up word and we're not sure whether OP is male or female.

T9FTW 20

Damn, 18! I really wanna thumb up your comment!

LiterOfCola 16

Twittle the twat is the actual expression

Thanks 18. I can't just thumb you up to say I like your comment.

mariah3269 4

It's only for female parts lol like twat ha

Stop by your local dollar store and pick up a nail file. Your jeans probably didn't help much with filing them down anyway.

cis1den 0

**No way out of this one, Just say you had a stiffer this Morning!

jpoole 4

Well tell them that "certain things" need to be done to the privates. We must be SATISFIED!

007type 26

Well, you were rubbing one out nonetheless. ;)

kut17 11

He was getting off...a broken nail.

Is that what they call it now a days "filing down a nail".

HughHolmes 10

you probably was rubbing that standing on your bench ,right ?