By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I broke a nail at school. The edge kept getting caught on things, so I thought I could file it down by rubbing it on my jeans. Apparently it looked like I was doing something else, because I was called into the principal's office to discuss why "certain things" should be done in private. FML
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  S182  |  15

Op never stated that she wasn't doing it on the side of her leg... Sometimes people are just nosy bitches and spread rumors when they don't know what is going on. Or, just to be an ass, someone could've told the teacher knowing full and well that she wasn't masturbating.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

4, Is "twaddle" the term used for both men and womens' private areas? Or are you assuming it is a guy or girl? FMLers, please don't attack me, I'm really curious and feel out of the loop if that word has been being used and this is my first time seeing reading/hearing it.