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  Today, trying to be romantic, I started coming on to my wife while in bed, only for her to yet again say she wasn't in the mood. When I asked why she never is lately, she sarcastically blamed it on the government shutdown, then rolled over to go to sleep. FML
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  \  |  28

This is the second in a series of misinterpreted FMLs containing the word "coming."

  BubbleGrunge  |  18

While I don't think she needs to write him a novel about why she isn't sexual interested, she could actually talk to her husband instead of acting cold. OP stated this wasn't the first time which makes it seem like they're having some sort of marital problems, even if it's just in the bedroom. Best way to solve problems? Talk about them and fix it.

  UberNova  |  18

Woah 60... You know that couples don't talk things out, c'mon. They just act passive aggressive and expect the other to deal with it/know what is up.

  Palirose  |  22

I agree with 60, if there's an issue she should speak to her husband. Passive aggressive behavior isn't going to solve anything and sex is an important part of a relationship. If sex is dull for her now she should tell him that and try to do new things to spice it up etc.

  Ambient25  |  24

I agree with #60. The worst thing you can do is go to sleep when there's an issue. I always try to work things out if I have to before the day is over. It makes cuddling that much better.


No one says she has to write an essay 43. But if she's going to give a passive aggressive response instead of being real, then no, OP shouldn't really settle for a response like that.

The more I come across people like that, the more I understand why so many people nowadays prefer to be single.

  TwistedCherub1  |  15

Everyone who says she should tell him what's wrong, I agree IF it's that simple. Maybe she's not sure. Maybe she doesn't know how to say the sex is bad without hurting his feelings. Sometimes a partner needs to evaluate their own behavior.
OP, "romance" involves more than rolling over & trying to get sex. Did you put more effort into it earlier in your marriage? Try treating her like you did when you were newlyweds: compliments, little surprises, anything you did often but don't much anymore.

By  Bloink  |  25

It's a girl thing. I do it too and I honestly can say I have no idea why :/

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

Please don't generalize and include all girls in your stupidity. It's not "a girl thing" as much as it is an issue that you yourself are having.

  Horsempeg  |  25

If its the same old thing every time, some girls are like that. Some guys are too. Switch things up to keep both parties interested! I have been with the same guy for 6 years and we still aren't like that.


Idiot that says "Its a girl thing". No, its a passive-aggressive (sometimes cheating) bitch thing. I've never ONCE turned my husband down for it. Even if I was upset with him. Sex is not a weapon to punish your partner with by withholding it from him/her or forcing him/her to do it. Maybe you should get yourself some serious personal one-on-one counselling before considering dating.

OP, fuck that. That's bullshit, she shouldn't be being a passive-aggressive twat who assumes you can read minds, its not fair and being passive-aggressive is a form of mental abuse.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

For sure, there have been times when my boyfriend has turned down my advances as well. Men are not totally sex driven like popular culture would have you believe.

  J352SAURUS  |  30

Yeah, I have a far higher sex drive than my boyfriend too. It's a bummer sometimes. We only do "it" when he wants, which is like two or three times a month. I got on birth control for this guy and I get rejected so often it makes me feel ashamed for liking sex. We've been together for over four years and he's my first boyfriend. So yeah, guys really aren't the constantly horny individuals society makes them out to be. Most of the time anyway. It goes both ways.

By  joopjoop  |  19

maybe your idea how of romantic isn't what she had in mind? try talking to her about her likes and dislikes to get a better idea ;) good luck! I hope the government opens soon!

  Caitie_kid  |  8

Agreed, they should talk this out before he gets too frustrated about it. I turn down sex all the time as does my husband, but we always make sure the other knows why. Feelings get hurt when there's no communication.

  jasmine2301  |  25

#47, What?

  mFUNdo21  |  17

#10, I'm a democracy the president doesn't decide what to do on his own (that would be a dictatorship), he is merely the spokesperson who communicates others' decisions to the people
this is my understanding of a democratic government, please correct me if I'm wrong and have made myself seem dumber than a doorknob

  TheDrifter  |  23

Close. In the American democracy he is also the spokesman for his political party and he has the power to veto (refuse to sign into law) bills passed by the people's representatives if he disagrees with them or wants to make a political point of opposing those who passed them.