By shadyladyhh - 09/09/2014 21:00 - United States

Today, a middle-aged customer tried to pay for a $2 ice cream bar with a credit card. It was declined, so he made me swipe it again. Declined. "Quit touching the metal strip," he scowled. I held the outer edge of it and swiped. Declined. He then bitched me out as his mother paid for him. FML
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shadyladyhh tells us more.

shadyladyhh 11

Then the mom bought him another one 15 minutes later. Sugar free ones cost a little more, so she was mad about that too.

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Lebeaugars95 20

F his life, his mom still has pay for him and he doesn't even have 2 dollars to his name

The best part of working with customers...


Lebeaugars95 20

F his life, his mom still has pay for him and he doesn't even have 2 dollars to his name

Agreed. OP, you get the ultimate satisfaction that mommy had to bail him out.

littleteapot 21

More like f the mom's life. Most parents hope that their kids are more successful than they are.

badluckalex 23

its more of an fml for the mom for having to put up with that little shitbird

kyu_Q 19

more like YDI for the mom. She raised him, or failed to in this case

The best part of working with customers...

Greenteamextreme 16

Years in customer service has taught me one valuable lesson... People are stupid.

And they will continue to think it's your fault.

"The customer is always right." Except when they're wrong..

Not only are people stupid, they are proud of it.

I feel that pain. Today I had a customer threaten to call the cops on me for not giving them a 3rd drink, none of which belonged to them.. >.>

jme_noor 9

Hopefully his ice cream melted on him during the process?

infected150 27

Some people just can't accept that they're the issue. Power though Op.

Apparently some people can't accept the fact that they're broke either!

SharnaaaBanana 22

Had a similar customer the other day. He handed me a crooked, half snapped card. Obviously it declined. After 3 tried he snatched the card off me and violently swiped it himself then bitched me out

Did it work when he did it? Either way, what a douche.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

Poor guy. too broke for ice cream has to suck. F his life for being broke, and F yours for him blaming you for his financial situation.

Yeah, OP! **** you for not feeling bad for him you heartless bitch! *sarcasm*

39, learn to read the comment you're replying to at least somewhat carefully.

llamarrama01 21

Seems like she still has some raising to do.

PoisonOrchid 21

I think that depends on how old the customer was. If we are talking about a 20yo or younger kid, than agreed. If the customer was older than that though, mom has probably done everything she can for him. Sometimes people either have to sink or swim and stop taking advantage of their parents and expecting to be bailed out.

"Middle aged" usually means around 40 or 50.

PoisonOrchid 21

Yep. I realized that shortly after I posted and it was too late to change it. These things happen.

But with him being middle aged, you're right, there's nothing more the mom can do. Unfortunately, sometimes you can do an incredible job raising your kid and do everything right and sometimes they just don't learn and don't grow up. Some people just choose to be self-entitled whiny babies that think they're better than everyone else and there's nothing anyone can do.

middle aged is 30... not 50 lol you retire at 60. 30 is middle ground.

Wrong. Middle aged is not based on working life. 45 or so is the generally accepted start of middle-age.

#75 middle aged is considered 45 - 60 years old actually.

Middle age is based on life expectancy. If one assumes a life expectancy of 80-90, we're looking at 40 years old for middle age to start.

Some people can be both morons, and jerks. This is one of them. I feel sorry for his mom, though.

I hope he does extra chores around the house to pay her back

Some customers really like to make ot hard on people. At least he didn"t complaim to your manager. It could have always been worse.