By Taylor parsons - 29/10/2010 04:48 - United States

Today, my girlfriend was going down on me. She only did it for 30 seconds, stopped, then said, "I'm not in the mood anymore." FML
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amayakitty 0

thirty seconds is forever in head time. when you're giving it, anyway. just saying.

perdix 29

That sucks . . . for thirty seconds. She was probably pissed that you were watching the World Series instead of her bobbing up and down on your dick. They want to know that their work is being noticed.


That sucks lol. Maybe your dick tastes like ....

it doesn't say whether OP is male or female so maybe it's her ****** that tastes like old wet fish. "going down"... not always for girls but in this case, I think so.

Sucks, OP. For 30 seconds, at least o_O

Shit. haha. 40 Year Old Virgin You know how I know you're gay ? Your dick tastes like shit.

Wow... all my comments have been moderated. nice.

and then you give yourself a helping hand

sweetcheeksjvl 0

Eat pineapple I heard it helps it taste better...

darienneheilman 0

actually pineapple doesn't work!

you have to eat alot of it. and I hear it doesn't change the taste just makes it sweeter

i think he's trying to say that you're hot. which you are, of course, but it's extremely creepy when random dudes try to pick up chicks on the internet, especially on sites like this which have absolutely nothing to do with dating or girls.

sims2lovr01 12

it's Alabama so it doesn't really count :p

whays wrong with alabama? and OP 30 is better than 0

Ah. So how do men operate? Because, you know, most guys love it when their partner goes down on them. You probably wanted to say "30 seconds is nothing!", but you didn't. My guess is that she just wasn't in the mood at all, still wanted to give it a try, and discovered that it didn't help and she wasn't in the mood. I hope you spiced things up for her, OP.

Ah. And women love to be teased? No? Well, don't generalise than. Like I said, this couldn't be teasing, it could be that his girlfriend really wanted to do an effort, but failed. Maybe she's depressed, who know? And yeah, off course there is a chance that his girlfriend is a mean bitch who loves to see the look on his face when she stops after a ******* of thirty seconds, but I doubt it. I have been in situations where I tried to force myself to be nice for my partner (pretending to be happy, pretending to be in the mood, pretending to do like I love Transformers...), and evidentually failed. I was sad all those times. Can explain a few things.

cradle6 13

Yes actually, a lot of girls do like being teased.

I totally agree. I've not been in the mood but wanted to be in the mood so I've started anyway hoping it will help. sometimes it works sometimes not. usually I'm considerate enough to make a valid attempt to quickly get my bf off since I've started the process if I still can't get in the mood.

Hmm... You argue well, organisedchaos. But I know something you don't know; I am not left handed!

futuremarine5 4

I thought u could only go down on a girl ?

sevans 0

hahaha now u know! welcome to the good side lol

no wonder youre going in the marines. bwahahaha. FAIL!

tylerlove 0

it's called a ******* future Marian......dumb ass

fuff_fml 4

ahhh I love that song!!!!!!!!

I bet your girlfriend told you that, huh? ;)

LovesToFlirt 9

LMFAO at 136. That was so funny. Thank you. You brightened my day up. :D

maybe that's not the problem! maybe the girl is just a princess who doesn't think she should have to do anything for the guy? it's a possibility

JustStopSucking 0

why are you sticking up for OPs stinky dick? eh?

Maybe he had a similar problem and refuses to believe his hygiene was the issue :p

amayakitty 0

thirty seconds is forever in head time. when you're giving it, anyway. just saying.

catstuff 0

You can't always get what youu waant.

Xavi89 0

well it won't be the last time it happens

hghiPigh 0

that's not an fyl. that's f her life for having to do it for you in the first place

all women should consider it a privilege.

barbie45_fml 0

in regards to 45's comment... apparently nine people are seriously lacking a sense of humour.