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Today, my wife told me that getting in the mood to have sex with me is like trying to get in the mood to hit the treadmill. FML
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An affair is not the solution. Have you ever thought of trying to fix the problem whatever it may be? People like you make me sick.


Misswildsides 22

Either she really loves the treadmill, or you guys need to spice up your sex life. Don't be afraid to try some new things, OP.

The only person I know of who likes running is a friend of mine who just joined the army. He had a "parachute regiment worthy" time on his mile an a half run.

I think I get what they mean. I don't always feel up for a run, but I'm always glad when I go for one.

phantumgrey 6

Wow your future ex wife is a bitch

Treadmill? Not bad. Mine calls it "Tough Mudder"

7yzzFML 17

So OP shes fat and doesnt wanna get healthy, and she doesnt like sex. Why the hell are you with this person again?

Of course she loves the treadmill, why else would it be on FML?

Obviously she doesn't love the treadmill, she thinks he bought it because she's fat!

7yzzFML 17

#84 Why would you just assume that crap...

Unlock her heart, reload the gun, and then cluck like a chicken. I can't see how this plan wouldn't work.

46, c'mon. You went for the easy one. I know you can do better than that. Upchuck.

Well maybe she needs to exercise a little more. If she can't be bothered to run on a treadmill...

NagainaFier 16

I can't be bothered to get on a treadmill. Unless I'm playing Skyrim.

mansen 15

I can't be bothered to run on a treadmill. It is boring as hell, but mostly I just can't stand running. What is the saying? 'I don't trust joggers, they're the ones that are always finding the dead bodies. Just saying.'. And before you come back with I am overweight and need to workout, nope, in shape, 6 pack, eat healthy when I remember, haaaateee exercising. I get mine chasing 2 kids, 3 dogs and running from college and to kids school etc.possibly though, OP and the wife need to sit down and discuss what is missing in their sex life and what they want or need, what they want to explore. Sex should be an adventure with your partner not a chore, see what you two may want to try may be pleasantly surprised.

Hit the treadmill, start looking better, then she might want to do it with you more

I doubt it's (all) about looks. She sounds bored and like she doesn't get any pleasure from sex. Try asking what exactly she doesn't like about sex and work on it.

TheRandomIndian 17

Maybe OP makes her do all the work

You should do it too, just to freak her out.

Or to sex it up! Do some sexy jokes/sport/.. Anything to have more healthy sex life!

kriz_allizwell 6

An affair is not the solution. Have you ever thought of trying to fix the problem whatever it may be? People like you make me sick.

perdix 29

#10, I just knew what the fate of your comment would be. If the wife so blatantly tells her husband that sex with him is a chore, why would he not want to take his show to a more appreciative audience? The down-thumb swarm completely ignores the fact of how hurtful was to the OP. So, while your solution may be justifiable and effective, it would be unpopular with this bunch.

Justifiable and effective? No, neither. He doesn't 'deserve' to have an affair just because she doesn't enjoy sex - which could also be his fault. Neither will it be effective, since his wife will still not enjoy sex more. Yes, it was hurtful to the OP, of course. But how do you expect to work on a relationship without telling what is wrong? I know plenty of women that have sex every once in a while even when they don't feel like it, just to satisfy their boyfriends. But if that becomes a regular thing, it's understandable they don't feel up for sex anymore at all. How about you accept sex being 'boring', and try making it better for you. Remember: going in and out usually doesn't do much for her. If that's all you're doing, you have a shitload of options left... Cheating is the easy way out, and if you resort to that you're nothing but a pussy.

perdix 29

#55, just like all of the mindless down-thumbers, you completely ignore or excuse the wife's extremely abusive comment to the OP. A wife who speaks that way to her husband can expect to be cheated on or dumped altogether. Regardless of the problem, the wife could have addressed the issue in a less emasculating and hurtful way. As far as the effectiveness is concerned, I was talking about for the OP. The wife can go **** herself!

I have to agree with perdix here. Her comment to OP was absolutely ridiculous. But no to the affair. You're scum for even suggesting that, #10.

69- cheating is NEVER okay. If OP really found her comment to be hurtful and abusive, then he can dump her if he pleases! But don't cheat!

perdix 29

#79, when there are kids and property involved, sometimes it's a less bad solution than outright divorce. Even if he gets caught, it might make the wife realize just how much she hurt him with her verbal abuse.

89- If he wants her to know how much her words hurt, he can man-up and tell her. I think it would be quite immature and ridiculous if OP had an affair just to send a message. These issues can always be sorted out, there's really no need to cheat! And sex isn't everything in a relationship anyway, I feel like tons of people assume that if you have great sex your relationship is an automatic sucess. A good relationship is much more than that.

ileenefudge 29

Cheating is never the answer and makes the situation worse. Doesn't matter if kids are there or not, in fact cheating when you have kids makes it much much worse. If he doesn't like what she said, than he needs to work it out and talk with her to fix it, or leave if he's unhappy. But he is not a man if he cheats. he is a coward if he pulls such an immature act just because his pride was a little hurt by her honesty.

89 - two wrongs don't make a right. Her comment was uncalled for, stupid to say and honestly if I were OP, I'd be pretty pissed with her for saying it. Still, just because someone hurts or disappoints you in a relationship doesn't make it ok to go cheat or dump the person outright. What ever happened to talking things out, which is what two people in a committed relationship should do?

7yzzFML 17

I agree with perdix, this fat loser that is OP's wife is overweight, with no signs of changing that, and shes not giving sexual attention to OP. Seems like his choices are to either split up with her, or find sexual attention elsewhere. Still wrong, but understandable considering his wife is neglecting him and herself like that.

Tell her getting in the mood to pay her bills is like getting in the mood to go to school

#11 how sexist! Maybe she pays her own bills, she might even earn more than him.

You guys are right, dumb of me to say.

RedPillSucks 31

I'm sure there are some Kama Sutra moves that involve the treadmill.

perdix 29

#12, they are illustrated beautifully in that OK Go video!

rg350dx 29

It starts out easy, somethin' simple, somethin' sleazy. Then the positions get more complicated.

Wait. She said "hit" the treadmill. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love to abuse and kick my treadmill. Always look on the positive side of things.

Or the side that doesn't make sense at all.