By birthdaygirl - United States
Today, I decided to get dressed up for school because it's my birthday. I was heading to class in my heels. Then, I rolled my ankle, fell down the muddy hill, pulled a leg muscle, and scratched up my knees. At least ten people saw it. I was wearing a white skirt. Happy Birthday. FML
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By  billchilled  |  0

My birthday was yesterday to. That sucks more then having honey n maple syrup poured on your head from a condom and then having 5 giant bags of chips poured on you though.

By  nativebacon  |  0

Lol, at first I thought it said "Today, I decided to get dressed for school because it's my birthday." It's the only day you get to wear your birthday suit, why would you even consider getting dressed?

Anyways, I hope the rest of your birthday goes well! :-)