By Anonymous - 11/10/2013 22:00 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I got into a fistfight with a complete idiot wearing a panda outfit. My face now looks like a real panda's. FML
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I'm just trying to imagine a scenario in which someone would get into a fistfight with someone wearing a panda outfit. Your day sounds interesting. Please, do tell more about it.

AnthonyWheeler15 24


In the same places? Sorry OP, at least you've got a Halloween costume now.

Harshdfml 14

No. He has a busted mug. I'm guessing you take a beating instead of buying a Halloween costume.

I hope OP'S okay, I do. I was just makin the jokess

tjv3 10

Well OP it looks like you are the idiot. Yep you are the idiot for getting your ass handed to you by a person in a panda suit

#22 Yeah OP! It's your fault for not knowing that a man in a panda suit was going to attack you. Shame on you. Be more prepared next time, k?

Dawnstempest 17

@ 39 See, this is why I follow the martial arts tried and true belief in paranoia. Old woman? Well when she attacks me with an over head strike with her cane I will take it from her and beat her with it. School bus full of preschoolers armed with grenade launchers? 100 flying fists defense followed by leg sweep. I always am sure to stay at least three feet from corners so that those dastardly muggers which surround each one of them will never have a chance to grab me when I come around them. And if they do, well then that's why I have my EDC knife dipped in the blood of my enemies on me. One straight stab into the eye and... So needless to say, when a man in a panda suit gets anywhere within twenty two feet of me, I let out my loudest power yell and kung-fu flying kick that man in the face. Stories like this are why you can never let your guard down, EVER. Rest assured they are out there. And if you let your guard down for even a fraction of a second. They WILL GET YOU.

Haha that "complete idiot" whooped his ass!

AnthonyWheeler15 24
immunetoinsanity 23

Probably not, pandas are usually pretty lazy. I'm sure he wouldn't put in that much effort. Unless he ran into Po that it.

caohm 18

everyone knows you don't mess with the dragon warrior.

Dawnstempest 17

@ 2, No, he was still on level zero.

I'm just trying to imagine a scenario in which someone would get into a fistfight with someone wearing a panda outfit. Your day sounds interesting. Please, do tell more about it.

Exactly! Why get into a fight with someone in a costume that probably gives them some respectable armor?

Maybe OP took his cookies and bamboo or his rice dumplings?

narkill 13

Pandas don't put up with shit.

BradTheBrony 19

And knowing is half the battle! (GI JOOOOE)

That dude was fighting for the pandas! Do you know how many pandas have been turned into soccer balls :(

Dawnstempest 17

Not enough... From the looks of things.

This comment made my day :D I wish I could thumb you up more than once, #7.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

If you got beat up by a guy in a panda suit, you deserve it. I don't care what happened that caused the fight, if you lost, you deserve it. God damn if that isn't pathetic..

What if it is some buff dude who knows karate and junk going around in a panda suit waiting to kick ass? It might sound improbable, but so does getting beat up by a guy in a panda suit.

He is Buff Panda-Man. His catchphrase is "I am here to kick ass." You would think it would be something panda related, like for example "prepare to be bamboozled," or "I'm not going to be the only one with black eyes," or even "I'm black and white, but you're about to be black and blue," but it isn't those catchphrases because Buff Panda-Man is too busy kicking ass to come up with one.

kathryn14 19

You should know, don't **** with pandas

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Sexual harassment panda! Holy shit! I think I may have to put that episode on netflix now. Wow.. You just kick started my memory with that. Haha.. Oh god, I have to thank you for that.

Who lives in the east 'neath a willow tree? Sexual harassment panda