By sharkiewarkiemoosey - 11/10/2013 18:22 - Switzerland - Gossau

Today, I tried to catch a train to get to my new job. I was stopped and told that I needed a pre-purchased ticket to enter the platform. The only way to get the ticket, they said, was by buying one on the platform. I arrived by taxi nearly an hour late for my first day. FML
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Makes no fucking sense.

Always plan ahead! You never know what will happen!


You seem to have great luck

michaelaranda 28

no, I think op shouldve planned ahead and found out how the train system worked. oh well. good luck with your new job OP.

my budgie brain can't comprehend this paradox

Agreed 25, if it's actually possible to purchase one in the platform, the first half of the claim can but possibly be true. Something fishy there

Always plan ahead! You never know what will happen!

While I agree with you I can understand if they had nerves being that it is their first day of work. My first day of my first job I forgot my work shoes in my car and walked in wearing flip flops. Shit happens.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Now you know so you can plan ahead.

Next time you can impress your boss by coming in on time as an improvement!

Makes no fucking sense.

shyeahh_fml 19

So you need a ticket to buy a ticket? What the hell? Lol. You deserve it for not being a wizard.

Where does it say they needed a ticket to buy a ticket? All I see is that a pre-purchased ticket was required...

Ok now I see where that may have been confused, but I still would think one could order one over the phone/Internet. Otherwise that train station wouldn't have very many people using it...

Its part of the government conspiracy to destroy the rail network.

olpally 32

That's just fucking stupid. My god. Idiots, idiots every where.

Sp30032 6

That sucks OP. Hopefully they understand what happened!

I hate to be mean, because this sucks, but YDI for not planning everything out ahead of time. There could've been any number of problems that occured; you should've already bought your ticket beforehand.

do you bring your umbrella on a cloudless day?

no, but when I'm doing something important, I check out how to get there, so I avoid things like this. it's called preparing :D

Hopefully your boss is the understanding type. On the up side of things, now you can get a ticket in advance for th next time (maybe online?) and come up with a back-up plan for things like that in the future.