By sharkiewarkiemoosey - / Friday 11 October 2013 18:22 / Switzerland - Gossau
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  coried91  |  28

While I agree with you I can understand if they had nerves being that it is their first day of work. My first day of my first job I forgot my work shoes in my car and walked in wearing flip flops. Shit happens.

  sarah6786  |  14

Ok now I see where that may have been confused, but I still would think one could order one over the phone/Internet. Otherwise that train station wouldn't have very many people using it...

By  sammyjo06  |  14

I hate to be mean, because this sucks, but YDI for not planning everything out ahead of time. There could've been any number of problems that occured; you should've already bought your ticket beforehand.

By  The_Paladin  |  16

Hopefully your boss is the understanding type. On the up side of things, now you can get a ticket in advance for th next time (maybe online?) and come up with a back-up plan for things like that in the future.

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