By Anonymous - 03/10/2010 01:34 - United States

Today, while I was going down on my girlfriend, she fell asleep. She said she was too tired to fake it. FML
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Next time she gives you a long boring conversation, fall asleep. When she wakes you up, say you're too tired to fake being interested. Then ask for a sammich.

at least she was honest, but that's messed up


at least she was honest, but that's messed up

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Seriously haha. That's so brutally honest.

Ydi. My cat could do a better job than you. I couldn't, but my cat eats his blanket out for 2 hours every day, I bet that experience could come in handy... 

I agree 12 your distgusting. No wonder cats run when they see people, it's because of weirds freaks like you. OP you shoulda did the shocker it woulda kept her awake ;) lol

12 win! Where is annoying little Missgrinch when u need her!

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This became a sick little beastiality thread...

she wasn't honest before.. she's a stupid bitch

oh wow.... sorry op....

Well at least he respected his girlfriends tiredness and didn't continue. :). right?

I don't think it's the size that matters when it comes to tongues haha

tongue size really doesn't all.

if you're using it in a way where size would matter, you're using it wrong

Please explain this to me

the tounge twister... dont forget it...

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American Pie FTW.

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maybe try an ice cube next time?

that would, er... tickle...

No, no, no. What you do is you keep a marble in your mouth. Then u slip it in

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High Five

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O dang. That's hardcore.

6: Your pic makes me mentally add "Hee-yahh!" at the end of each of your comments.

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i feel kinda sorry for you.

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i feel kinda sorry for you.

Storm121693 0

i feel kinda sorry for you.

what's up with all the repeated comments?

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That's embarrassing.

Storm! WE GET IT!

Ignorance, Shutthefuckup. Please.

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hmm... try drawing the alphabet with your toungue?

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find the clit