By Anonymous - 03/10/2010 01:34 - United States

Today, while I was going down on my girlfriend, she fell asleep. She said she was too tired to fake it. FML
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Next time she gives you a long boring conversation, fall asleep. When she wakes you up, say you're too tired to fake being interested. Then ask for a sammich.

at least she was honest, but that's messed up


at least she was honest, but that's messed up

Seriously haha. That's so brutally honest.

Ydi. My cat could do a better job than you. I couldn't, but my cat eats his blanket out for 2 hours every day, I bet that experience could come in handy... 

I agree 12 your distgusting. No wonder cats run when they see people, it's because of weirds freaks like you. OP you shoulda did the shocker it woulda kept her awake ;) lol

12 win! Where is annoying little Missgrinch when u need her!

This became a sick little beastiality thread...

she wasn't honest before.. she's a stupid bitch

oh wow.... sorry op....

Well at least he respected his girlfriends tiredness and didn't continue. :). right?

I don't think it's the size that matters when it comes to tongues haha

tongue size really doesn't all.

if you're using it in a way where size would matter, you're using it wrong

Please explain this to me

the tounge twister... dont forget it...

American Pie FTW.

maybe try an ice cube next time?

that would, er... tickle...

No, no, no. What you do is you keep a marble in your mouth. Then u slip it in

O dang. That's hardcore.

6: Your pic makes me mentally add "Hee-yahh!" at the end of each of your comments.

i feel kinda sorry for you.

i feel kinda sorry for you.

i feel kinda sorry for you.

what's up with all the repeated comments?

That's embarrassing.

Storm! WE GET IT!

Ignorance, Shutthefuckup. Please.

hmm... try drawing the alphabet with your toungue?

find the clit