By Anonymous - 12/11/2014 17:21 - United Kingdom - Middlesbrough

Today, someone commented on my mother's memorial page on my blog. It said "u need too get over it bitch" and "ur mum was a wh0re". I looked up the IP address and found the comment was posted from my own wifi. The only other person who lives in my house is my girlfriend. FML
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Could someone else like a neighbor have had access to the wifi?


Could someone else like a neighbor have had access to the wifi?

yea that's one of the first things I thought about too. even if it's locked there's still a chance it could be a neighbor or an old friend nearby who used it. my condolences OP

Or depending on when the comment was posted, maybe they had company over at that time, a stupid "friend" thinking their funny or even a sibling? Regardless OP, I hope you find out and ream them out for being so insensitive and rude. Sorry about your mom and may she rest in peace.

Chance are it was a script kiddie . I hope. Many people get their routers hijacked. Maybe it was a spoofed address, so on and so forth. Hopefully it wasn't the girlfriend. Regardless sorry about your mom op.

I am seriously hoping this is the case, and it was not the GF. Anyone doing this is horrible and so very, very wrong! But your own GF? It's sick! There are no words for it, really. So very sorry for your loss, OP. I truly hope this is not what it seems.

More likely than not it was the script fb has to protect people. Generally you can't get the actual IP of a comment unless you get special permission. Usually it shows up as yours. Tumblr has the same script on asks.

One major flaw in your theory #47... This wasn't on FB.

Yeah, it wasn't facebook, but it was a blog, so it was probably on blogger, wordpress or a similar platform. Do you know that they don't have the same script for comments? OP, definitly write a mail to the service people of your blog platform and have them confirm that you have the correct IP, and if it's the right one, watch for suspicious behavior on your WIFI. I really hope it wasn't your girlfriend! Sorry for your loss.

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#69, why would you need the service people of your blog platform to "confirm you have the right IP"? IPs are picked up automatically, there isn't some guy typing up everyone's IP manually.

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If your Wi-Fi wasn't secure, anyone connected to it could've wrote that. However, if it was secure, especially with multiple encryptions, then I would definitely ask her about it. Hopefully you can call her bluff if she tries to hide it. Just be happy you're not married to her...

#84 wrong place and wrong time for a Fight Club quote.

seriously. my boyfriends mother passed away a few years ago and I wouldn't dare say anything like this to him. let's hope it was a neighbor or something and your girlfriend isn't just a huge bitch.

That is crossing só many lines, I don't care how much trouble you have with your in laws, you don't do shit like that. If that was her you can dump her ass and no one would blame you

@36 damn your accented O....made me think I had a broken pixel on my screen

same here. I had to double check on that O. ^

She's the wh0re. Kick her to the curb. ****

if anyone had said that to me, I would have an obituary for them and wrote - "Here lies the last **** to talk shit about my momma"!!

Judging by the way she types I don't think she had the intelligence to suspect that you would eventually figure it out. Good luck OP, sorry about your mom.

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Or she could have typed like that on purpose that way he doesn't suspect it was her.

either someone is stealing your wifi, or your girlfriend is an insensitive jerk. either way, I'm sorry op and may your mother RIP :(

How would anyone else know enough or care enough to make a comment like that. Sadly, odds are it was the girlfriend.

Uh #53 I know a lot of people who would log into someone else's wifi to do something they know they shouldn't. I'd do it too.

#71 My point was that by today's standards, a wi-fi leech doesn't typically know much personal information about the victim. Especially not something as personal as a blog dedicated to their late mother. While the girlfriend would know, and may resent her for some reason. Sorry for the lack of clarity on my part.

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Thats awful, OP. Im so sorry about your mom, and even more sorry that your girlfriend would do something like that. hope things straighten out.

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And this is why you don't **** with people who can trace your IP.

I can understand that girls hate their mothers-in-law, but this was a really childish way to go about it. She should be able to talk about her dislike openly with you instead of attempting to hide behind anonymity. Sorry, OP.

"talk about it openly" i get what your saying but i can only imagine what she'd say in person hahaha "Honey, why do you hate my mother" "cuz she wazz a bitChhhhh"

His mom is dead does it really matter if she dislikes her? It's not like she needs to say "I don't feel comfortable going over there" she should just keep her damn mouth shut, there's no possible benefit to her to express her hate for his dead mom

It's not even her mother in law it's the guys girlfriend

You're joking, right? Ditch that bitch quick. That's just awful. And at the same time OP, I'm so sorry for your loss.