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  greatnt249  |  0

You take the Interwebz way too seriously, #7, if you take personal affronts to, of all things, being unfriended on Facebook. How about basing REAL emotions on REAL personal interactions instead of boohooing about how many people are (not) in your pseudosocial network?

  xNephilim  |  18

That's only kind of right. As far as I know, Turkiye is only the way Turkish people spell it.
In Germany it's Türkei and in the US it IS Turkey. So, yeah.

  tairii  |  0

some of us have to or it will be years of hearing things like, 'Why don't you like me?' and 'What do you have to hide?' because our mother's are emotionally needy and manipulative. The only upside is that you can make a special friend's list for your mother and adjust your privacy settings so that she sees nothing when looking at your page.

  gz_fml  |  0

I do, I don't really keep secrets from my mother, and I 'm fine with her knowing what is on my wall. It sometimes causes me to edit things I was going to say, but thats ok because if a person does not want their mom to hear what they are saying, they probably do not want other people to hear it as well.