By -_- - Australia - Elwood
Today, I was confiding in my dad over the phone, after I caught my girlfriend cheating on me. After I hung up and went online, I noticed he'd been live-blogging the whole call on Facebook and commenting that he was considering suicide to escape the boredom. FML
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  imlifeless2  |  25

Insensitive, and (correct me if I'm wrong,) illegal. I think its against the law to record and post private phone conversations on the internet without both people's consent. I don't know, but still, your dads asshole level is through the roof, OP!

  llamaslikesoda  |  21

#37 Wait, you're 13..? Why are you on FML? There's intimate, adult, text language, everywhere.

By  MzZombicidal  |  36

Aww, that was extremely rude of him! That was a private matter and he had no right to put your business out there like that or crack such harsh "jokes"... I hope you feel better soon, OP. Anyone who's willing to cheat is never worth the hurt. I'm here if you need to talk!