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  yuggi1  |  11

You say that now because they care about you. If it would had been the reverse... I'm pretty sure you would wish they paid attention. :[
I dunno, I'll always be mommy's little girl so my views might be different. :P

  KiwiExchange  |  16

It's okay to have a parent's love and care, but at this point, where he can't even fight his own fights at 20, he's pretty much mama's boy. He has to learn to do it on his own or else he's never going to have experience in dealing with other nastier people.

  yuggi1  |  11

What if OP was born a 'he' but decided to undergo a sexual change? Then 'she' would no longer be a he. Therefore, she would submit this FML as a female.
Don't pay much attention to my comment, I was vastly speculating her gender.

By  TandJHire  |  0

wow really? that's an fml your 20 and acting like your 16 "mom, stay outta my life". really grow up and realize you are very lucky to have a mom who cares and has your back. If it was my daughter and I saw a nasty message hell yeah I'd tell the bitch to shut up. this isn't a fml or ydi. This is a Grow The Fuck Up.