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Today, I was walking to a job interview. I needed to get rid of some gum but there were no trash cans in sight, so I spat it out on the ground. Next thing I know, some guy grabs me, sticks the gum in my hair, and walks off, muttering curses. I couldn't get it out in time for the interview. FML
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14, OP is a girl. I find it hard to believe that she wasn't carrying a purse with some sort of scrap piece of paper or something. We do tend to carry a lot of stuff in our purses. She could've put in a paper and put it in a pocket in the purse until she got to a garbage can (which would probably be at the place the interview was). Or even easier, swallow it.

I'm a girl and I don't always have scraps of paper in my bag/purse. I only keep receipts that might be important later and throw away junk as soon as I see a bin. I hate handbag clutter.

If you open my handbag I'll have enough junk to rid half a continent of their gum

Well, she could have at least SPIT IT OUT IN A TISSUE. The man's reaction was VERY extreme, but I'm going to say this is a YDI.

She didn't need to have a piece of paper; she could have just used the wrapper the gum came in and held onto it until she found a trash can.

What's wrong with spitting gum out? You're outside for Petes sake

It's littering. Don't you hate it when you step in gum?

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you got yourself into a sticky situation!

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Her interviewer probably chewed her out for it.

I imagine the interview blowing up in her face

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#37 Interviewer: Sorry to burst your bubble, but your not hired.

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meh, you win some you lose some.

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No need to be rude! Anyways it was not that big of a fail

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wouldn't say so #43...looks like your comment was the one that broke the chain :P

I agree. But I wouldn't stick it in their hair

Lazy inconsiderate people tossing gum on the streets and floors are disgusting. I can't count the number of times I've had to scrape someone's fresh gum off my shoe because they couldn't be bothered to walk to a trash bin. Not to mention the fact that any gum on the ground collects dirt and looks horrible.

Seriously. Spitting out your gum or not throwing it away properly is one of the most inconsiderate things ever. If I had the guts to do it, I would definitely put it in OP's hair

Did you not see in the FML "there were no trash bins around"

Yeah, because OP couldn't walk a little farther until she found one...

I think that she could've done a dozen different things other than throwing it on the street and she's rude for throwing it on the street, however I think having it stuck in her hair and being semi-attacked by some stranger is a little much. What the guy should've done is embarrass her and say "you're not just going to throw it there for someone else to step in are you? Pick it up and find a garbage" then continue to stand there and stare at her till she picked it up. Shaming/embarrassing people like this often works and gets the point across. I remember an Fml where some idiot didn't have a bag so he didn't pick up his dogs poop and the neighbour made him pick it up with his bare hands! Lol

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if that is justice then for the next time you litter, I shall bust in the windshield of your car and fill it with several dumpsters worth of garbage.

OP had no problem with the knowledge that her gum would most likely end up ruining the sole of someone's shoe. It being stuck in her hair isn't that far off from what she was comfortable with happening to anyone else.

#20, did you stick OP's gum in her hair?

Not to mention, it's bad for any avian life. They think it's bread and will try to eat it--with fatal consequences. YDI, OP. You didn't have a scrap of paper to discard your gum?

Shoulda stuck the gum to his hair. By stick I mean throw and by gum I mean a fist.

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That should cause a hair-splitting headache.

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Karma? Did you know driving for 1 hour does over 10 times the pollution as 1 piece of gum. So should every one who drives get in a car accident?

Like throwing lamps at people that need to lighten up?

#42 Does that justify or excuse spitting your gum in the streets like a llama? No. I hate that mentality of "Oh well, there is worse out there., so let's do **** all to make things better"

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#51 Here's a straw, now suck it up.

I had no idea that llamas even chewed gum. I wonder if they prefer a certain flavor...

#70 throwing scissors at people who need to lighten up.

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#88 Here's a bridge, now get over it.

Cut it out* Omgosh, epic fail. I accept all negative thumbs.

I think you are making a joke, but it's not good to swallow gum since it takes a very long time to digest.

Sorry, I meant to say that gum doesn't digest properly. Gum doesn't actually stay in your stomach for 7 years.

False, gum digests at the same rate as regular food. Check your facts before spreading rumors please. It does not take a long time, nor is it detrimental to your health.

I do not understand people that won't swallow their gum. Gum is in no way different then swallowing every piece of food you've ever eaten. In fact it is no different then swallowing a gummy candy, or anything else. The digestive system is quite incredible at doing its job not to mention that the acid alone probably does most of the work. Meat is harder to digest than most other foods, and yet people still eat it and it can still be digested. Suck it up people and swallow your friggen gum. No one want to hear you complain about not having anywhere to put it or find it under a table or on the floor or road or a wall!

I'm sorry your joke got ruined by these literal people.

57 - Didn't you read my second comment? I corrected myself, saying that gum doesn't actually stay in your stomach for years, but that it simply doesn't digest properly. It is a rare occurrence, but it is possible that gum might create a blockage in your intestines.

You had no piece of paper or old receipts in your purse to wrap around the gum?

And if you absolutely have no place to throw it out (which I doubt seeing as if you waited there would probably have been a garbage can on the way or at the place the interview was) you could've just swallowed it. Swallowing gum doesn't actually mean it will stay in your stomach for 7 years or that you will get some huge mass in your stomach, it's actually no different than swallowing food or some sort of gummy candy.

I guess the place you went to for your interview didn't have a trash can either?

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That's what you get for being a litter bug