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Troll grandpa strikes again

Was wondering when we would see a grandpop.. So many grandma FML's..


Troll grandpa strikes again

and our generation is supposed to be the bad one...

I'm not really sure why our generation is so surprised when they hear about grandparents trolling their grandchildren. Their generation produced the generation that then produced our generation. They were also the generation of trolls that produced the generation of trolls that then produced our generation of trolls. That cycle goes all the way back to the first generation of humans. Trolls have always existed in every generation before us, and will continue to always exist in every generation to come. With the invention of the internet, trolling simply became more publicized. And now that our grandparents are becoming more accustomed to the idea of the internet and how to use it, it actually makes sense that we are seeing more and more stories on FML, and just on the internet in general, of grandparents trolling their grandchildren.

Grandpa to the Rescue!

You could always delete the post you know......

That wouldn't stop her from already seeing it... Or if someone liked it, and then gets spread all over

It was already too late because the mom already saw it and what's stopping another family member who saw it from tellin their mom

Was wondering when we would see a grandpop.. So many grandma FML's..

Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa 2

Well you asked for it for leaving your laptop on without it password lock

You're supposed to be able to trust your family.

Seriously? Trust family? They are usually the ones pulling the best and the worse pranks. Why? Because as family your supposed to forgive each one another.... Eventually :-/

Phone passcodes are not to keep out strangers.. It's to keep out family and friends.. The people who would do random shit.. >.>

Phone? Don't know about you but my laptop doesn't require a phone pass code.

Hmmmm trust family..... With the amount of FMLs I see its confirmed for me why I trust no one especially grandparents. Thay are the ones that do the most shit and get away with it. The "I'm old" excuse works too well.

I said you're supposed to be able to, not that you have to.

The male Betty White

Hahahahaha way to go gramps!!! :)

That sucks OP. Hope your mom figures it out.

C'mon! Old people don't know how to use the Face Book. Maybe he was just trying your new-fangled typewriter and gave up finding where the paper comes out.

I know a lot of people who are older who use Facebook and Twitter etc. my friend's grandma has Facebook and an iPad and a mobile. It's not that hard to believe that older generations can use technology as well.

43 - He was being sarcastic...

Where oh, where oh, where has the sense of humor gone?

I personally advocate the new saying "Do n00bs take perdix too seriously?" as a replacement for "does a bear shit in the woods?"

Uh-oh, grandparents are evolving and adapting to technology. This is not good

Tell us how you really feel grandpa?? Lol. Damn op, he just owned you.