By Bechara - 13/06/2011 09:11 - Pakistan

Today, I overheard my girlfriend telling her friend, "Actually, it's a good thing she died, she was quite a bitch." She was talking about my mother. FML
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FYL. I hope she is now ur ex-girlfriend.


How? It's quite obvious her mother was a female dog.

sxe_beast 11

Him * And that was a very poor attempt at humor.

Or just had a personality of a bitch...

Kn0wledge123 21

I once punched someone for talking shit about a dead relative, but since doing that here would make you look bad, I'd suggest you just kick her out and dump her. I don't care how badly they got along. That's still your mother.

Knowledge. Just cause she's a girl doesn't mean she shouldn't get knocked the **** out. Some bitch talks shit about my dead mama she's gettin hit.

lindy91 4

why the **** are you people correcting 9 with him and his/ why can't there be lesbians??

Uhhhh... what?

braasilianx0 4

she's a cold hearted bitch. dump her. that's extremely disrespectful.

Them Mods removed the comment I responded to, now I look confused.

Referring to the gf..

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fyl sorry for your loss. and the insensitivity but ydi for not doing anything about it right when it happened. if it was my mom and I heard anyone say that I would of effed their life up. instead of taking time to post it here. grow a pair but also sorry for your loss.

Agree with 43 man. Insert historical figure's name here) had once dreamt of a world for women to be treated equally like men. Then the Women's Rights association and etc. was set up. They demand equal rights, and I say give it to them, especially the violence.

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That's not even funny.

Angi95 3

You may not hit a woman, but you can slap a bitch. That being the girlfriend.

128: Fuck that. My dad died last year and if my girlfriend said something like that about him, she'd have a black eye and a few missing teeth.

OP should knock her up and kick her the **** out of his life

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95- *pear

who said it is ? stupid blond dumb bitch fken ****.

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how would u like it if soneone said dat bout u!!!!!????:/

146, your profile says you are 13, but it also says you were born in '85. That would make you 25. So, which is the bullshit, or is it both?

fthislyfe 22

what she said was mean, and i guess i know why, im also a middle eastern and i know how middle eastern mothers are. they treat their son's gfs/wives like crap... but still, she shouldnt have talked about her like that...i hope u've dumped her already

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146-actually it is not pear its pair sorry but pear is a fruit

#138, and anyone else that seems to result to this with violence, it's overly hormonal idiots like you who are the reason for society being all sorts of ****** up. How about handling it like an adult and verbally confronting her instead of "knocking her out"? Idiots.

MizzErikaHart 8

f that. knock her out for real. I lost my mom 5 years ago and if I heard some1 said that now I would still do something very bad to that person. you will never kno true agony until you lose ur mom

YDI for having a girlfriend that's a bitch.

haha, nobody male or female would talk shit about my dead family member - k to the ******* o.

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What are you 5?

183: Talk to me when your mom/dad dies. I'll say it's good cause they're an asshole/bitch. I can bet you $1,000,000 that I would be in a lot of pain when you were done with me.

Dump her then kill her then call her a bitch in a letter and mail her the letter straight to hell and hope the devil delivers it to her personally

-....- Ya'll say how you'd punch them and whatnot. it's called ASSAULT. Have fun in Jail if it happens. I doubt a Girl wouldn't call the Cops if you hit them.

lulututu 4

woah some people seriously meed to grow up. its messed up what she said but you don't have to hit anyone. obviously most of these people are immature and don't know how to confront someone the right way. I've talked soo bad about my fiances mom to her face but she is just honestly a bad person and my fiance never hit me for it. its called be an adult. try it sometime.

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that makes no sence why bring a child into the world that had nothing to do with this thats just stupidhe needs to leave her

I lost my brother in a car accident back in 2010 and I had a similar situation with my best friend. I'm not a violent person and I believe that arguments should be talk through, but I'd never been so shocked that something so disrespectful had been said about someone deceased, that I broke her nose. You go through the pain of loosing a loved one and then have someone you thought would be there for you, be it a partner or friend, say something completely disrespectful about them and see how you react, I highly doubt the end result would be you saying "you hurt my feelings, let's hug it out"

tjv3 10

dump her ass

I was kinda jokin at first, but what I said wasn't wrong. You no what's wrong? All of your pansy asses being against violence so much. Life is full of violence and should have violence its natural and it's in our biology. Maybe you kids need to learn about the human psychi and human behavior. If something pisses you off or scares you the natural response is to hit that motha fucka in the face. Fuck talking. (And of course all of that was very generalized you actually want to debate human behavior go somewhere else.)

lulututu 4

well if violence is the answer I guess the cops would be the victims answer. hit whoever you want but you can go to jail.

bobbybill0519 7

ydi for having a mom (well used 2 have a mom)

285: Thanks for taking the heat from this violence topic, and GL with the down thumbs and harsh replies.:p P.S. You're an asshole.

wait this happened in pakistan right cause the fact that it happened it Pakistan makes me more sad I don't know why but it juts does I don't wanna loose my mommy

Typical ******* American. You think that just because it's the law and you are going to go to jail means it's wrong. You would've been a loyalist in the revolutionary war if you're that much of a conformist.

lulututu 4

really? just because I would call the cops if aome dude hit me I'm a loyalist. woah. :) you are an idiot.

lulututu 4

really? just because I would call the cops if some dude hit me I'm a loyalist. woah. :) you are an idiot.

lulututu 4

298 you obviously have some issues that you need to talk about with someone:) Get help.

what is wrong with you?

Aight. Bitch, yeah I have issues I'm just tired of little punk bitches so against violence. I've never hit a girl and don't believe that anything could push me to the point of doing it. What you said was "if violence us the answer then the cops are the victims answer." I'm saying that just cause it's illegal doesn't mean that a person shouldn't do it. I'm not saying that murder and assault is okay. I'm saying retaliation with violence is not always wrong. It's nature, it's logical, it's ******* normal.

lulututu 4

yeah I agree but only if its in self defense. you can't go around hitting people because they hurt your feelings. get a backbone and grow upp:)

rrrmmmvvv 0

I know it's wrong for guys to hit girls but she's askin for it.

deliciouscake 3

one time, I read a story about a kid who destroyed another kid for telling him to "Get over it." when his mom died.

what does a fruit have to do with this...

337- Because someone forgot what the difference between "pair" and "pear" is.

... Because threatening me over the internet is so hardcore.

I would dump her..

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that's really depressing ),:

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no, she was right actually. it's pair..

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wtf? that is the stupidest comment ever!! and very very mean.

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she prolly deserved it

Aww that sucks op! :(

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that's impossible

salh 2

Intelligent? I seriously doubt that. Come to my school and you'll se how boys always pwn girls in debates and spelling bees and other acedemic competitions

salh 2

Asshole, did he say she got killed by terrorists? NO! Pakistan pretty safe cuz ive been going there every summer vacation and im still alive

It doesnt matter if the OP's mother was a bitch or not. Death is never a blessing unless it happens to someone who has intentionally killed. Dumbass.

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wow thats not very nice :(

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Sparta kick that bitch!

yougotapes 7

even if she did think that, should've kept it to herself...

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Time for a....... PIMP SLAP!!!

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Yea, because that makes him look like a hero.

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poor kid! sorry for your loss!!

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bout time that bitch died

I cannot believe he had the audacity to day that either.

she is in complete denial

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denial of what a bitch she is... maybe.. other then that, no I don't think so.

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you are a complete tool

163 because she said enjoy? I guess she meant enjoy ur day? and atleast she has a real photo unlike someone else.

Eiregal 7

shes the bitch! what a horrible thing to say, im sorry for your loss

yeahh I agree with you! OP should dump her ass ahha :P

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That is some girlfriend you have there OP. She really seems to have a soul. I'm saying this with a hint of sarcasm if you can't tell.

Mjfalcon 8

I'm not taking her side, but some mothers can be very protective of their son's, and will be quite mean to the girlfriends because they don't think they are right for their son. She has the right to her own opinion, but she should support the OP through it, and not voice her opinion to her friends.

FYL. I hope she is now ur ex-girlfriend.

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but its actually his real mother! your just as bad as the girlfriend!

not true . I love my mother in law . OP should dump that bitch !

Also it's not the mother-in-law. They aren't married and hopefully aren going to get married.

yeah, not all boyfriends/husbands mothers are bad. I love my boyfriends mother, she's like my second mother.

BigHoshJosh 0

and everyone hates you. you still need to be nice about it

shonda89 0

I love my bfs mother

borkchop1992 15

i was just joking because thats what people say a lot

my bfs mom too couldn't ask for a nicer person that girl needs to learn respect for the dead

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Not "haha".

A7X_LoVeee 10

Were you referring to your chest?

sematariux 7

stupid ass

was dat comment worth it?

Perhaps your mother was conservative and disapproves of lesbians.