By rosmaizura - 01/10/2010 07:39 - Malaysia

Today, my mom added me on Facebook. She wrote on my wall, for the whole world to see, "Why are you swearing on the internet?! You're grounded". FML
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haha oh well.. that's why you shouldn't accept family members on fb if you dont want them to see certain things.

That's what you get for saying things on the internet you won't normally say in front of your mom.


YDI kids should know never to add parents

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Write "**** off" to her and when she confronts you about it, tell her you're a whole different person on the internet. :D

I believe she was joking about it. she thought it was funny or some sort.

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you could just delete the post.

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this is why: a. old people shouldn't be on facebook. b. you should NEVER add a parent to something like that. defriend immediately.

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Sounds like my mum, except for the 'grounded' part, lmao. Add parents but hide some info from them, you can adjust your privacy settings.

I try not to say anything on facebook I wouldn't want my grandma to see. You never know what's going to come back to haunt you

You can flip around privacy settings on individual posts. That way only she can see her post and she won't notice that you've removed it from the rest of the world's view. Likewise you can hide posts with profanity from her. It's all in the lock icon near the post.

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I added my parents, my aunt, my uncle, random other family members, and my teacher from high school.. no one yells at me lol

haha oh well.. that's why you shouldn't accept family members on fb if you dont want them to see certain things.

Everybody hitting on random girls through fml comments... I have invented waterproof concrete shoes :). Please test them by letting me drop you into your local lake and/or ocean. I'll let you keep them!

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funny thing is, she's probably a dude in real life-hope that gay feeling is warm and fuzzy for ya

nikkibeez... you're hot. I mean if that is YOUR pic 

Never add relatives if you aren't prepared to deal with the consequences, I would have thought that would've been clear to you. Haha I told my dad I'd never accept him on facebook if he made an account (he was thinking of doing so) and I got a request with a message saying "add or die" my dad has 3 facebook friends. I'm not one of them. DE-NIED.

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trolled by your own mother, sad.

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That's what you get for saying things on the internet you won't normally say in front of your mom.

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Agreed, #6. the Internet is way more permanent than getting in your mom's face and OP clearly doesn't have the stones for the latter.

Agreed with #36. If you are mortified by a "you're grounded" comment, you probably shouldn't be cursing anyway, you little poseur. No interwebz for you.

Oh yeah YDI op for accepting family members of FB i usually accept em but just block em so they can only see my name and profile pic... LOL

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I do that too haha. Well they can see everything except for my wall.

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Rule #1 of being a teenager with a facebook account: Remember, your parents read it. Punishment deserved.

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this you can also set your privacy settings to stop her from seeing your wall

that's why you never add family members. they **** you in reality and they WILL **** you over on FB.

The OP was a teenager, which means they didn't have a choice.

Kinda do have a choice. Have you noticed the big blue "ignore" button recently?

Umm, have you considered that OP might have gotten in trouble for not accepting their mom?

I say she should've clicked ignore, then when her mom asked about it she should go "What friend request?"

Well, if you didn't want her to see it, you either shouldn't have said it, or shouldn't have added her. Facebook is a site that contains a wide variety of people, usually the ones you talk to are friends and family, just because it's an internet interface, doesn't mean it suddenly becomes acceptable to swear in front of people you wouldn't normally swear in front of.

WTF, ur not their mum, u cant tell them what to do... and btw why do u hav to comment on every effing fml there is, don't u have a life?

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ummm HELLO !!!!! She is trying to give advice !!! So the OP can maybe fix it !!!

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67 why r you such a bitch? every comment I read youre saying something mean to this girl. i think YOU need to get a life.

hahaalolz, I don't have a comment on every FML going. And, as I said to the last person who asked that question, define 'life'. I clearly have a life in the pure definition, as I am alive, but I do not think that is what you meant. Also, what mahimalil said. And yes, Cantfightfate, I've noticed that too.

I lol'ed at "ur not their mum." 67, I'd give it up. Cinn's haterz have a way of getting stomped pretty soundly around here, and not by people as nice and polite as Cinn is.

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that's why you don't add your family on facebook if they care what they read