By Anonymous - 26/12/2010 06:10 - United States

Today, my wife thinks I will agree to anything she says if she just pleasures me orally. I now found out, she is correct. FML
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Disagree with her on everything! You get more happy fun time, she gets to feel like she controls you. You each get what you want! Also, you could probably swing the argument quite effectively by doing the same for her.

**** your life? no. **** my life for both not getting head AND her still getting whatever she wants

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women know everything on how to get men to give them whatever they want :P

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It would probably go something like this, guys. Wife: Honey, can I have sex with your friend? OP: What?! NO! Wife: How about I give you some head? OP: **** his brains out, baby.

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And now you know...every time you want head, hold out on something she wants. Wife: "Honey can you take the trash out?" You (with penis out): "I don't know...I'm a little tired."

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Bhahaha! That made me laugh out loud :)

Well yes, but you give us what we want to get what you want, fair deal ^^

There's actually fetishes for that kind of mind-control.

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wow, you're easy.... good luck, she could get far.. haha

Easy, or he just doesn't get oral often. Anyways, OP, you make your wife very happy, more people should act like you. My boyfriend, for instance. The 'I will agree to anything' part seems fair enough for me.

^ no not really all women want is control over their man. A woman's motto: Agree or be free ..

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Me and my boyfriend are both very independent of each other. No problems there.

Fuhohohoho!~ She has you well trained, darling!~

I'm 23, have had numerous sexual partners, and yet have only recieved Oral one solid time through. feel lucky op, at least she wants to do it if it means getting her way.

I want to do it because I love (to see) my partner (enjoying it). Much better reason.

8: There is a specific term for you.

This coming from a Toronto Maple Leafs fan? Please, we do not want to hear it.

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Oral is great. I love talking about sex!

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11 ur awsome i need 2 find me a girl like u

He shouldn't necessarily feel lucky because of that. Many women give oral. That normally comes before other types of sex in relationships. He should actually feel disappointed if his partner will only give him that just so she can get stuff. You should do it because you care for your partner and their pleasure.

This is not an FML Moment. With an FML, it's like a Slap to the Face. For this, I'd give you a High Five.