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By thedoc - 15/07/2014 03:25 - United States - Amarillo

Today, my wife was putting her finger in my bellybutton and making overly sexual noises. I thought this was all fun and games until I realized she was actually into this. FML
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Well someone likes to put things in holes, watch out OP.


#6: He didn't steal what you were going to say. He merely typed it faster.

You could still say it, it would just be mildly irritating.

incoherentrmblr 21

To each their own & don't ask, don't tell...

the_Jessicaaa 11

I have a belly button and nipple fetish lol!!

@83 What part of don't ask don't tell do you not understand?

Everybody has his/her own fetish*. Everybody has their fetishes is grammatically incorrect. Everybody is singular. God dammit its not even my 3rd language.

I have lived in New Zealand and now I live in England. All I see is people murdering their mother-tongue on a daily basis. No wonder selfie made it to the dictionary. Looking at the thumbs down it is very clear how people would rather bury the facts then try to learn from them.

"Their" can be used for a singular when referring to someone who's gender is not known or traditional pronouns (he, she) do not fit.

Well someone likes to put things in holes, watch out OP.

JMichael 25

I picture OP's wife being into Femdom.

At least she hasn't bought a strap on... yet.

It sounds like a case of penis envy.

OP has to watch his back just in case... ah and avoid dropping the soap while he's taking a shower.

As long as she is happy, where is the problem?

OP is obviously not into it. Thats the problem.

Yea there's no problem with belly button rape

marzipanimal 15

if one of them isn't into it, the other should respect them enough to stop.

It is cool if this fetish is only limited to the hole in your belly.

Watch out, she may be a lesbian if she likes playing her fingers in holes

#35 Can you feel it now Mr. Crabs? In your belly button Mr. Crabs.

You should experiment with this with her, OP.

Was thinking more of Peanuts voice from Jeff Dunham :-)

Whenever somebody says that, my mind instantly goes to the flash video "Horse Pop" that went viral a few years ago

Wizardo 33

Everyone has a fetish, some can't stomach it, some can. Its all about if it gets you off, digest that.

cadillacgal79 32

There's two, so I'd say they were intentional.

simplysarcastics 26

#29 *intestinal (since we are having pun time

football98_fml 20

Some people just have strange fetishes

Everybody needs a finger in the button once in awhile!

simplysarcastics 26

Read to fast and saw butt in place of button. I was nothing short of appalled. lol

So you read, "she stuck her finger into my bellybutt"?

ostfaiz 18

this is an indication OP, she might want her holes fulfilled .. ;)

titandesu 14

i think the indication happened a while before this seeing as they're married.....

RedPillSucks 31

I think she wants to fill his hole