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Today, I was talking to my husband about how I wanted our marriage to improve and not just be sex all the time. In the middle of my sentence, he asked for a blow job. FML
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That's when you let him sleep on the couch. Yeah, FYL. Guys like that need to realize that girls are looking for more in a relationship than sex.

jjohnson26559 1

What dick. He could've at least asked to 69.


That's when you let him sleep on the couch. Yeah, FYL. Guys like that need to realize that girls are looking for more in a relationship than sex.

Psych101 9

Especially since OP is actually already married and not just dating. They chose to spend their lives together, he should definitely be looking for more than sex.

20- Exactly! I mean, I know I'm young and whatever but, when I do get married, I want some sort of balance. It can't be all about sex, there's soo much more to a healthy relationship.

Redoxx_fml 22

He'll just give himself a stranger

Exactly. It's not about sex after 10 years; it's about quiet... Kidding! It's about making each other happy.

People change. Before he got married to OP, he might have been just a "sweet" and fun-loving guy and OP might have enjoyed it too. But well, people change ...

I don't get why you are getting thumbed down 25. You are exactly right.

Why only look for more than sex after marriage? Why not in a relationship as well?

Psych101 9

94- I said ESPECIALLY after marriage, not only.

Well they shouldn't just cut sex out of their relationship completely, its good for a marriage when the two partners have regular sex, but yes I agree it shouldn't all be about sex. Romantic dinners and such are always the best things, because you can have a romantic dinner then sex!

Bekeliyr 10

If someone has a high sex drive, you cannot stop them. if they're not getting what they want at home, they'll find it some place else.

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There are more of us girls then guys. Find a place where that is not the case and guys will be pretty nice to you.

I agree with Op. I would like to do something else like play video games or go hang with friends or watch a movie or browse the web or play more games.

fucking_dev 2

my girlfriend tries to make me sleep on my couch while she sleeps in my bed sometimes ... in MY house ..keyword tries ..

Don't blame ALL guys. Not all of them are like that.

alshygirl 14

People who blow together stay together :)

Psych101 9

Interesting, I've never heard that one before. What other relationship advice do you have for me?

One advice from me. If you were caught cheating, just say that you tripped and fell into a ******. Not that I think you would cheat though.

hellachillin 8

Maybe mentioning sex got him pretty horny. It's no big deal, I'm sure this conversation will blow over eventually(;

36- Some even simpler advice for you.. Don't cheat!

zakkyzebra 11

What a dick. Try marriage counseling. He sounds like he doesn't even listen to you, which is never good in a relationship.

Your picture completely goes against what you just said.....

zakkyzebra 11

You know what I have to say to that? **** or gtfo.

14- it just a picture.. Maybe he thinks its funny? Cause It kinda is...

Turtle_rebellion 10

Marriage counciling is the death sentence on a marriage. If you need someone to help work out problems with your spouse, you aren't understanding enough to be in a relationship with them. Although maybe I'm just biased because I know someone who's wife divorced him for their marriage councilor

kirbeaar 19

97 - I disagree with that completely. Sometimes people need help with communication, or someone else's point of view on the issues they're having.

119 - your world view is so screwed up. Life does not revolve around sex. And a healthy marriage is not based on only your sex life. If you can't think of anything else to do together then that is never a good sign.

jjohnson26559 1

What dick. He could've at least asked to 69.

Mhmm 4, because 69 is the only dinner for two.

DrownedMyFish 18

Well, that must blow Lol Lol But seriously, your life sucks. Sometimes a serious relationship can be too hard to swallow for some guys.

Redoxx_fml 22

That's not the only thing that's hard to swallow

Ginormous pills are hard to swallow... Damn multivitamins...

You could only wish this could have been realized BEFORE they got married, huh? :(

Well maybe he wanted it to think straight afterwards. My guy is a totally different person post-ejaculation.

zakkyzebra 11

Haha true that! For some reason listening to women after ****** comes a bit easier.

And it sucks but some guys need to get off and it's not fair to look down on a guy for it because it's a natural part of male biology that's been serving mankinds reproductive needs for countless generations, on the other hand to ask mid sentence does make this guy a dick

lovepandorasaver 11

FYL OP, I guess you could look at it like he wanted a clear head before discussing appropriate ways to improve the marriage.

iliketomoveit123 10

Remember this when you get married. Marry the person you love, not the person you think you can turn him into.

She shouldn't. She should tease the **** out of him, and then literally blow on his penis. :F

"No ******* shit she doesn't like to! Who likes putting dicks in their mouth? That's why they call it blow jobs! It's a job!" -Seth Rogen

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Sex is the foundation of a relationship plu blow jobs are the shit

olpally 32

You sound like op's it's not!

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everyone must take 11's advice. he is clearly the most intelligent person on fml.

Oh shit, I always though the foundation of a relationship was mutual respect and friendship! How could I have gotten it so wrong? Ten years of was all a sham! Dammit, Mrs. Bastard is going to be so disappointed.