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Today, my wife of 12 years informed me that the only sexual activity she is interested in is foreplay, and she absolutely doesn't want to go any further than that anymore. FML
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Doesn't foreplay lead to sex? Please try to warm her up for about 30 minutes and see what happens after that. I think that you will score.

Stuff like that is the reason I'm unmarried and content


Stuff like that is the reason I'm unmarried and content

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Right.... Keep telling yourself that.

#16, hundreds of thousands of people are unmarried by choice. Why wouldn't he be content with that?

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38- Being single doesn't suck. Being lonely, however, does.

39, No it doesn't! I've been lonely for four years now, and those have been the happiest years of my life.

#43, there's a difference between lonely and alone. Lonely is a shitty feeling. You've been alone, and you enjoy it.

I'd just like to point out that #1 is a 17 year old being "unmarried and content" is kind of the norm at that age, though I understand that many people are perfectly happy staying unmarried all their lives.

I'm in my 30s, unmarried and content! I chose to focus on career, and have many friends who chose the same! Times have changed. ;-)

51--from a previous post #1 said he was divorced, it never said he was 17. Just because he looks young doesn't mean he is.

And this is why people cheat on their spouses.

I got married at 22 to the man I was in love with for the past 7 years we have been married over a year now and it's been amazing I would never trade being with him for the single life but I'm happily married and not a c*nt that doesn't put out because she doesn't enjoy it.

Unmarried and 17?? Please take a remedial elementary math class, it will be a favor to anyone you come in contact with. I'm 24 Einstein

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#1, I must say that you look exactly like Shane Dawson

Ah yes and I was supposed to magically calculate your age with what? Elementary math certainly comes in handy when you have numbers to work with! Like say...a year of birth! I apologise for thinking you were younger than you are, looks can be deceiving.

24 and not married for a guy is normal now anyway. My husband was almost 25 when we got married. Anyway. To the OP, your wife sucks and gives us good wives a bad name by not wanting sex ಠ_ಠ there are some of us that enjoy sex with our husbands still.

#80 i think next time you might want to click on a person's profile and verify age before making an ignorant assumption. Thank you, come again

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89 I like the "still" part ;)

#90 Or you could realise that when I click on your profile your date of birth is not specified. But please, continue talking down to me like I'm a child. Thank YOU.

38-Not being married does NOT equate to being single.

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Wow 24 and not married! how DO you do that??! Praise you!

Why did 69 get thumbed down? That was a beautiful story.

#1 - You look younger than me, and I'm still 17! Amanda has perfect reason to think you're younger than you are. To he honest, you look fourteen-ish. Put your birth date on your profile next time so we can avoid these things!

#119 lol ill take it as a compliment. My birthdate has always been on my profile ;)

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Wish I had focused on my career too. I sacrificed my career and got a whining wife in return!

#119 you are nothing but a sweet heart. Keep up the good work young lady.....woo

123- I love how your birthdate just magically appeared after I pointed out that it wasn't there, and I especially love how you then tried to make me look like I'm an idiot. But that's okay, I, along with the 20 people who thumbed your previous comment down obviously saw that your date of birth was not specified on your profile. You'd think that at 24 you'd be more mature, but I guess not.

I still don't understand why op's wife wanted to stop after foreplay. Time to sit down and talk about it because married life isn't easy it isn't short and it takes love, communication, and respect. If op's wife loves her husband enough to marry him she should also enjoy pleasing him. 1- I was born in 89 too, and will also be 24 soon and I only got married because I found the right person that I couldn't live without. Maybe one day you'll feel the same but clearly you haven't met them and just believe all the unnecessary negativity connotations associated with being married.

#138today, it's magic. I honestly thought i had it on there before FML

Stuff like this is why single and happy: "not a c*nt that doesn't put out because she doesn't enjoy it." I don't enjoy being labeled a c*nt when I don't "put out" because I don't enjoy it because you know how dare I want sex to be enjoyable for me too instead of just for him.

Doesn't foreplay lead to sex? Please try to warm her up for about 30 minutes and see what happens after that. I think that you will score.

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I agree with #3, I think you should warm her up to the idea, let it set in

I think #3 meant she may want to take it further if she is aroused (by foreplay).

Yeah, maybe she doesn't like what you're doing to her in the sack... Try to get her to talk about what she doesn't like about the sex, and what she does like about the foreplay.

Maybe the wife is asking for only foreplay because once the OP has sex(jntercourse) it's over and she's left unsatisfied? With foreplay, she'll get the chance to get off before he does. And if done correctly-- she might want more. (:

Wait, she expects the sex to just be one way?

Well, it's normally one way with intercourse anyway. Just for the male.

Whoever you've been with, 91, is doing it oh so very wrong.

91- If the sex is great between the two then it should NOT be one way. The girl should be satisfied as well.

Well then you need to bring the 'open marriage' conversation to the table. She can have what she wants but there may need to be trade-offs to make it work.

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I agree, or a divorce if counselling is refused.

If I had a nickel for every time I read a comment about getting divorced over something that could easily be talked out..

imtooshy 18

I normally don't suggest divorce, but if the person making such demands refuses to talk about it or seek counselling, then yes, I'd be considering a divorce. Problems don't just fix themselves it takes effort and work and you can't sit and stay in ANY kind of unhealthy relationship if someone refuse help. That's why I said divorce.

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Wait why did you name yourself tigger2013? Did you really mean tiger? You're not planning what I think you are, are you?

CaiDog 20

Ya know, Tiger Woods... huh. That didn't get a very good reception. I guess it sounded funnier in my head. Now I'm embarrassed

Don't worry 36, happens to the best of US.

Now that I understand it, I find it humorous :D

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It's actually spelt Tigger, like the character from Winnie the Pooh, not tiger.

That was why they asked "Or did you REALLY mean TIGER?" Reading is the key to avoiding dumb comments :)

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Listen, at that point, first you need to sit down and talk to her, I think she's cheating on you already. Someone suggested open marriage, that's a bad idea.

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I'm not saying you're going to, but a wife like that is asking to be cheated on.

Either that or she found someone else and it trying to cause problems to lead to a divorce since she doesn't want to directly tell him.

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If she tells him, she doesn't get as much in the divorce. If she's not interested in sex with the OP anymore, it's almost guaranteed that she found better sex elsewhere.

Ah yes, #8, wise words from a 12 year old.

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And #8, regardless of what you ask in your description, no. I am am not calling you 'bitchtits'.

dammdammb right. dont know why people dont agree

Truthfully, that's even crueler than not having any sex at all, because the blue balls can really hurt :P

Well OP would be an idiot to agree to that.

Tell her that the only sexual activities you are interested in are either counseling, an open marriage or divorce.