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Today, my friend compared my hair color to hers. Also, she braided my hair (two pieces) with hers (one piece). I asked her why and she finally broke down and told me. She has lice and didn't want to be the only one. FML
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no not aww! its skanky. more like ewwww but fyl op! :( go to ur gp and get it sorted

It's called sarcasm. You know, when you say something, but really mean the opposite? Yeah that.

They're gonna be bugging you for a while. Hope you like hairing your friends treat you like a disgusting animal fur a little while, cuz some people tend to think lice are a sign of improper hygiene. I'm itching to hear what you did to your pest of a friend, this wouldve really ticked me off.

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Maybe #1 meant "eww" instead of "aww". You know how people make mistakes and aren't always sarcastic? Yeah, that.

66 - That could very well be true, but I tend to believe that the author of the first comment actually ment what she typed! Oh my goodness, such a crazy thought huh? But thank you ever so much for opening my eyes. 55 - Gotta love you for sticking that many puns into one comment xD

66 - The first commenter probably seen no comments up and wanted to be first, so they put up a short, pathetic comment. Look at the first 10 comments of any FML and if you don't see at least one comment with 3 words or less, that's a surprise.

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101- It's funny you say that because I recall you saying that she was being sarcastic! Crazy observation, huh? Nice job at failing. 105- Yes, I completely agree with you on that. Plenty of people put up short comments to be first.

105 - Yeah, the first comment ment to be sarcastic, weird huh, how it all makes sense what i said before? Please read my other comments thoroughly before making your own observations.

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wait...wait...wait did she just say FRIEND??!?!

set her hair on fire to "help" her get rid of the problem

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134- First you say she's being sarcastic, then you say she meant what she actually said, and now you're saying that she's being sarcastic. You keep changing your mind and it really does make you seem stupid.

163 - Okay, I will tell you again, but this time, very simple. She MENT to be sarcastic. She MENT to say "aww", and BE sarcastic. You finally got it? Gosh, I hope so.

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It sure didn't sound like that's what you said.

Really? But you see it now don't you? So, I'm not an idiot, I haven't failed, and you understand what I was saying? *Wipes hand across forehead* Good. Job well done, thank you for playing. Teehee ;)

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178- plain and simple you just act like a bitch

Thank you for that insightful observation. Yes, I know I act like a bitch, and I am sorry if I have hurt anyone. I get pissed at people sometimes, that is all.

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Hasn't this fml been posted at least 20 times

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roeallen it's MEANT. Not MENT.

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she may not have been the only one with lice after that but i hope you made her the only one with a fist in her face or a foot up her ass

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i apologize to everyone who noticed i posted almost the same thing twice... my brain farted

Ouch. Thats terrible. Oh well! At least you can spend hours getting it out of your hair with your friend. Have fun with that!

are you serious? you think she would still go solve the lice issue with her friend??

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oh my god. did you bitch slap her?

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if OP didn't, then she should have

next time she asks you to do some donut bumpin' I can bet you'll both have crabs afterward!

That's from something... I can't remember what though

Time to get new friends! What a ****! I'd kick her ass!

What type of friend is that? :L There is such thing as a lice comb...

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kill that bitch! lice suck ass!