By Tyler - 03/09/2012 09:37 - Australia - Killara

Today, I was walking down the street when I had a coughing fit. The next thing I know I'm being pushed about by a group of guys who were smoking, because they thought I was coughing deliberately to send them a message about smoking being bad. FML
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LiterOfCola 16

Run away! You shouldn't have that much trouble out running them after all

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LiterOfCola 16

Run away! You shouldn't have that much trouble out running them after all

I'm sorry but not everybody can be as in- shape and have as quick reflexes as you.

Yea seriously I could probably outrun them in my powerchair. Lawl

LiterOfCola 16

20: Okay? No need to get defensive. LOL

I think what 2 meant wad that the smoking probably has screwed up their lungs by now, thus they wouldn't be able to run very well because of poor cardiorespiratory endurance. I dont think he meant it as an insult

tjv3 10

Why run when he should stay and defend himself. Run away really?

47- No retard would defend himself up against a couple thugs. Running sounds like very tempting option.

hopsinlove17 26

49- he never implied they were thugs. Not sure where you got that...

Probably because they were pushing him around for coughing....

Actually the first rule in a zombie attack is cardio. Limber up was #18. Besides, are you really going to have a few minutes to limber up before running from a zombie that is attacking you?

1st Rule in case of a zombie attack should be: GET IN SHAPE. Not saying all of them are like this.. but I know a lot of gamers that get stoned, munch out and play xbox alll day. Which makes em all a bit chubby. Lol how are they gonna survive a zombie attack when they're too lazy to walk down the road and buy weed?

I am pretty sure that cardio implies that you are in shape, therefore there is no need to get in shape.

75- I'm pretty sure that stupid people will be killed before lazy people in the event of a zombie apocolypse

Airman1988 9
one11oh 2

I said it the same way mr Mackey said it lmfao

Nobody feed the troll. Just don't do it. No matter how tempting it is, you must resist.

26- point out the troll please, because all I see on this site is trolls.

MichellinMan 20

You can't crap in the urinals, m'kay?!

I am watching that episode RIGHT NOW. How the duck did you do that.

Well, smoking is bad, I hate people who jump to conclusions

Jumping to conclusions is probably the only exercise they get.

yoyoyolol08 5

You can run faster than them, since they smoke they have shitty lungs

Hard to run when you are having a coughing fit.

ArmlessSkydiver 7

Wait... so that's not socially acceptable?

I fart near them...Smells better than their smoke anyways

Unless you're Shrek. Those can kill and put Saddam's mustard gas to shame.

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

Nah, I'd still say cigarettes stink worse. As do the people who smoked them when they get near me on the damn bus.

Stop lying! You were trying to teach these hooligans a lesson, and they're clearly too stupid to figure it out. Let them enjoy their cancer sticks and then suffer the consequences. Besides, without smokers I would have a lot less business.

Job security, my friend... Let them smoke!!!

MichellinMan 20

36- so why the **** does your profile say you like to smoke?

I have a feeling she means that she smokes marijuana.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Oh of course. Because smoking marijuana doesn't count as smoking! What good logic that young lady has.

hopsinlove17 26

Smoking weed is a lot healthier kids! Go try it sometime and tell me you don't feel like shit afterwords.-_-

habibiiiiiii 2

Yeah I find it a little stupid that people who smoke weed get offended when you assume they smoke cigs. Smoking is smoking.

58 While I do see your point --and smoking anything is bad for the human body-- tobacco =/= marijuana.

i dont see a consequence to smoking. cigarettes are great stress relievers, they make you look cool, and a long awaited drag brings pleasure that could'nt be compared to anything else. Live fast and die young. Atleast I know that i will be able to wipe my own ass until the day i die. #NoRegrets

Smoking is smoking. Hence the I *smoke* weed and I don't *smoke* cigarettes

80- HOLY SHIT. There are few things in the world that frustrate me, and one of them is making excuses for choices you make. You smoke weed for insomnia? THEY ******* MAKE SLEEPING PILLS! Now, I do not smoke weed, but I am not against it. It will eventually be perfectly legal. And when it does become legal, who's to say that major manufacturers of marijuana aren't going to put chemicals in their product to make it slightly addictive? The argument that weed is healthier then cigarrettes will be irrelevant eventually, so don't try to say that you are better than other people for smoking weed

chowE_fml 4

I smoke weed but I also wouldn't put it into the 'smoking' category. There is a clear difference between cigarettes and marijuana. I personally use bongs and vaporizers which Is a cleaner smoke which causes little to no harm on your lungs. The argument here is that I wouldn't say "hey, I vaporize", or "hey, I bong".. I say "I smoke". And usually that implies weed. *sidenote: doc you'll never get a patient coming in from too much marijuana usage.. And I'm still wondering why in all of it's natural, herbal, & floral glory Is called a 'drug' *

^not sure if this was a reply to me. I agree with you on some levels, however I wanted to clarify that I wasn't trying to argue that smoking weed is, as of now, "healthier" than smoking cigarettes. As far as I know there have not been enough clinical studies to prove that it is healthy at all (or it would be legal, am I right?). I was trying to say that I hate it when people make excuses for the choices they make that might reflect badly on themselves in the public eye.

MichellinMan 20

Confusedbutloved- please, do us all a favor and shut the **** up. You've obviously lost a few IQ points from getting high. Smoking weed is also just as bad as smoking cigarettes.

Smoking anything is bad for the lungs. Enough said.

Just so everyone knows, I ******* hate weed. I tried it a few times and it makes me SICK.

97- Did you just contradict yourself? Because it sounded kinda like you were bragging about going to Harvard. I thought you liked to drink (at age 19), smoke weed, and chill? Surely this is what all the Harvard kids are doing

98- dude harvard kids are some of the chillest kids around, and idk about the honors program but i know the regular program provides very manageable workloads. and what's better after a day of studying than chilling out with friends with a beer in hand, maybe smoking a bowl or two?

desireev 17

101- You're a little young to be in an honors program at the most prestigious law school in America! And either way, smoke is smoke. And smoke is bad for you. No matter what kind of smoke it is. There are some that are worse because of the chemicals that are in it... But, like I said, smoke is STILL SMOKE! Very harmful to the lungs and respiratory system! So saying "Weed doesn't count" is completely moronic... Get your facts straight please! Being as you are an "honors program law student at Harvard", you should know such things!

BeforeItWasCool 12

80- Well as you include the smoking right next to the fact you "love to party" and "drink" it's difficult to come to the conclusion that it's for medical purposes. Or, is the partying and drinking also prescribed to you by a doctor? I refer to you as young lady because you are young, and supposedly a lady. I have no objections to being called the same, as those facts stand true for me too. I'm sure your doctor would probably offer you sleeping pills, and various other options before settling on marijuana. I would know, also being an insomnia sufferer for many years. I wish you the best in overcoming your condition, and gaining a little more respect for yourself.

Umm 36... Your profile says you like to smoke weed!

jeffandjeff 22

Really now #91? How many people die a day from smoking marijuana? Or secondhand marijuana smoke? I'm sure the carcinogens and dangerous unhealthy chemicals in cigs are also in weed. Smoking pot doesn't lower your intelligence either loser.

I'm sorry OP, I'm always afraid to cough around someone who's smoking. People are crazy nowadays.

Shit, run away! And when the coast is clear, find out where they live and beat the living hell out of their cars. They can't chase you; the smoking effects the respiratory system and makes it difficult to run.

Sinkhole 26

Confusing 'affect' and 'effect' might have affected people's view of your comment. Grammar tends to have that effect on people.

...damn it, I knew I shouldn't have had that extra shot of Jack.

jenniiienyc 5

I hate when people flatter themselves and assume you would waste your life trying to send them a message about smoking.

We are smoking therefore everyone passing the street must pause in awe even for half a second to admire the way we inhale this perfectly lit cigarette. That guy coughed, how dare he indicate his disapproval of our cool lifestyle .. Yeahhhhhh. *spongebob rainbow hands up* Nobody cares

Because that's totally what all smokers do. Silly.