By Help. - 29/09/2011 17:36 - United Kingdom

Today, my violent housemate qualified for a gun license. She picks up her bolt-action rifle on Wednesday. FML
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Good luck!

I would sleep with one eye open and a knife under your pillow. Just in case.


Good luck!

Run awayyyy !

Buy a shotgun.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

I wouldn't want to piss her off. OP should make a daily habit of baking cookies, cakes, etc of her room mates choice. Who could shoot someone who bakes cookies everyday?

Stay on her good side.

holygodthatshars 0

"all the other kids with their pumped up kicks better run better run, faster than my bullet"

fthislyfe 22

Did she get mugged by a monkey?

well atleast you know when a rapist breaks in to cut off your boobs, she'll be there to shoot his ass off.

StopDropNRoll 11

Why run when she has until Wednesday to strike! Take out the enemy before they take you out. Or bake cookies until you move out =P

fthislyfe 22

77: It was not random. I was referring to an episode from How I Met Your Mother when Marshall got mugged by a monkey.

LiveLaughFML 10

give her your lunch money.

guckylynn 19

"And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle. So man could fight the dinosaurs... And the homosexuals." Sorry this post made me think of Mean Girls.

Uraharas_Bankai 1

Bolt action is for losers. Semi Automatic and Automatic are decent. 3 Round Burst guns kick a** (mw2 reference just so you know)

126- Why do you have to make a video game reference to try and act like you know anything about guns? A bolt action is normally reserved for higher caliber rifles, as opposed to a gas operated semi-automatic bolt, or an automatic bolt. The whole three round burst fire came around after Vietnam, because soldiers would take their fully automatic M-16's and fire willy nilly all over the place, because they objected to the war, no joke. Burst fire allows for accuracy, without the pain of fully auto fire, but a similar stopping power. As for bolt action, the whole point of a bolt action rifle is A) no gas/blowback system is in place to reset the bolt, and therefore it must be manually reset B) in part, a bolt action on a rifle system is used for higher caliber weapons, in part because of accuracy, and I'd like to think that someone didn't want a semi automatic .416 because it would hurt like fuck. Just don't use a video game to get your facts. Seriously.

Don't leave until you finish your vegtables

starquality 7

Time to switch roomates!

The__Redneck 7

--The whole three round burst fire came around after Vietnam, because soldiers would take their fully automatic M-16's and fire willy nilly all over the place, because they objected to the war, no joke.-- You're saying soldiers would fire off their ammo all over the place because they objected? And that once rifles had the 3-round burst, this stopped? The M16A2 (the one with the 3-round burst) wasn't adopted until the 1980's, and this had nothing to do with mythical soldiers shooting away all their ammo in the middle of a war so they could get killed as a form of protest. The M16 has a rate of fire of about 850 rounds per second on full automatic--which means a 20-round clip would last about a second and a half, and a 30-round clip would last just a shade more than two seconds. There's nothing you can do with a second and a half of sustained fire but waste ammo (especially since the recoil is going to make all but the first five or six rounds miss), so the three-round burst was decided on as the best mix of power, spread (which is why you main use the three-round burst during night-firing or thick brush), accuracy, and conservation. I don't plan to get into the whole M16 vs. AK-47 argument or any of that nutty stuff, but the idea that soldiers fired off all their ammo as a form of protest? Puh-leeze...

Don't mind him, just keep looking awesome. That shadow will take care of him

helloimmia 4

good luck OP...

Yeah, I never heard of the firing off ammo as protests either, but the three round burst was developed in response to the needless waste of ammunition caused by full auto, most likely due to inaccurary at a high rate of fire, but still possibly by protesters. It's not unlikely, considering the narcotic boom in that era.

First! Haha that sux


It's either my maths off, (which I doubt) one has been changed to two, or your wrong.

Honey you should move before you end up on channel 7 news


make sure she doesnt quick scope you

saurik 0

run fast!

I'd look at it as feeling safe that nobody would dare rob you.

You run fast, my bullets run faster.

Op housemate rifle probably fires .22 calibre bullets. It'll take him about 10 seconds to take each shot. If he still gets shot, op deserves it

360 no scope!!!!

Run Forest Run!

mrredkneck 2

Running is the worst option

bullets don't run

I would sleep with one eye open and a knife under your pillow. Just in case.

sparky42 2

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight

Point taken.

Take a knife to a gun fight. Stab them while they laugh.

Or "borrow the gun"

This is the best time to use kitchen knives....

So OP can make dinner?

run while you can!!!

Jamicianprince 1

Your pretty

Her pretty what?

Jamicianprince 1

Your pretty


What before op's housemate shoots op in the knee caps?

then he's shit outa luck.

Buy your own gun and/or Kevlar vest.

Then have a good, old fashion gun fight, winner doesn't have to pay for groceries for the month

drawmesunshine 17

Oh, man, y'all are gonna have a blast! Who doesn't love to shoot things? And people. No? Maybe just things...

I love to shoot things atatched to people ;)

drawmesunshine 17

Like arms and legs?

drawmesunshine 17

Like arms and legs?

raider27 7

Bullet proof vest?

Commercial bullet proof vest will not protect against a rifle.

sparky42 2

Depends on the rifle

JuggaletteKlown 0

Butter your roommate up with presents so she doesn't shoot you[:

tylersign 11

Or just butter her up.