By Anonymous - 04/04/2015 10:16 - India

Today, the girl I've been seeing for less than a week started raging and ended up threatening me with a knife, after I shot down her idea of getting married next month. FML
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You deserved it 3 445

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And from that point on, you was running!

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Never stick your dick in crazy, as they say

Stuck my dick in plenty crazy. They're beasts in the bedroom. Sadly you can't live with them. :(

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Pray with me Forrest. Dear God, please make me a bird so I can fly far, far away from here.

If I was going somewhere I was a running.

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He must be the stupidest son of a bitch alive, but he sure is fast!

You know I heard the other side of the world was a cool place

I don't know, i feel like it's missing a lab.

We'll dexter does have a laboratory at the station so......

Run for your life!!! before it's her shark week it's gonna get worse

Who says it's not her shark week right now

I hope that both of you know, that even though she may be a ******* psycho, AN ANGRY WOMAN IS NOT ALWAYS ON HER ******* PERIODS. It's because assholes like you make these types of comments, is why we get so ******* mad! Jesus Christ, you idiotic boys will be the death of me.

#62 but here's the thing, in that situation we are as innocent as a newborn untrained puppy. what I mean by that is the kind of rafe OP's girlfriend had is what you all sound like on your period.

hakuna your tatas #62 get some chocolate & learn how to get a joke!

#62 Looks like someone's on their period

I have only heard girls make jokes about periods like this before never a dude lol

Oh, all of you, ******* cry about it. I know how to take a joke until someone makes a sexist comment.

62: Maybe I'm in the minority of women, but period jokes are funny to me. I'm pretty sure they know women don't get mad just on their period and are just making a joke. Hell, I make jokes just like that as well. I find them funny and the only time I get offended by them is when I'm PMSing and in a foul mood to begin with.


Maybe if women stopped using their period as an excuse to get away with acting like a bitch, men would stop associating psychotic behavior with them being on the rag.

OMFG you guys do know women release testosterone on our periods right? And what's your most abundant hormone all year round?? Oh yeah, testosterone!! So if we're apparently insane for that week of testosterone you men must be freaking insane 24/7.. Jesus get some facts.

In the immortal words of Monty Python; "RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAY!"

Or hitchikers guide to the galaxy, "(He's got a towel!) ...Run away!"

I will never understand how persons who are so crazy manage to hide that big fact until they get into relationships...

They lure you in with sweet words and a few lies, and then when they have a tight grip on you, they ruin your life ^^

Generally, everyone knows how to act in order to be attractive. They see it around them all the time. It's just that most people don't want to do that because they feel like they won't be representing themselves honestly. Crazy people don't care/are desperate so they'll happily put on the act and then drop the facade when they're in a relationship.

Those are the only type of people that are ok to break up with over text/the internet. For your own safety.

Until they come knocking on your front door

Or stabbing you in the back when you don't watch out.

Be careful, but I'd start getting far away from that kind of over attachment. It's unhealthy.

You that knife to cut her right out of your life

Even tho I know what you mean, how do you mistake use for you?

Maybe he just forgot a word and meant to put "take" after "you"

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Or maybe types "yse" and auto correct in its infinite wisdom puts "you"