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  _Moonlit_Iris_  |  10

I hope that both of you know, that even though she may be a fucking psycho, AN ANGRY WOMAN IS NOT ALWAYS ON HER FUCKING PERIODS. It's because assholes like you make these types of comments, is why we get so fucking mad! Jesus Christ, you idiotic boys will be the death of me.

  cj75  |  18

#62 but here's the thing, in that situation we are as innocent as a newborn untrained puppy. what I mean by that is the kind of rafe OP's girlfriend had is what you all sound like on your period.


62: Maybe I'm in the minority of women, but period jokes are funny to me. I'm pretty sure they know women don't get mad just on their period and are just making a joke. Hell, I make jokes just like that as well. I find them funny and the only time I get offended by them is when I'm PMSing and in a foul mood to begin with.

  SHMANDER  |  4

Maybe if women stopped using their period as an excuse to get away with acting like a bitch, men would stop associating psychotic behavior with them being on the rag.

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

OMFG you guys do know women release testosterone on our periods right? And what's your most abundant hormone all year round?? Oh yeah, testosterone!! So if we're apparently insane for that week of testosterone you men must be freaking insane 24/7.. Jesus get some facts.

  musoboy  |  22

Generally, everyone knows how to act in order to be attractive. They see it around them all the time. It's just that most people don't want to do that because they feel like they won't be representing themselves honestly.

Crazy people don't care/are desperate so they'll happily put on the act and then drop the facade when they're in a relationship.