By littlepsychgirl - 29/09/2011 20:14 - United States

Today, my parents asked me if I would dog-sit for them while they go to my ex's wedding. FML
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tell them they might as well bring the dog with them, it would make a good playmate for your ex.

Your parents sound like Jerks.


chococat251 9

That sucks

Your parents sound like Jerks.

rayrae24 5

Wheres the family loyalty??

The parents aren't necessarily jerks, they just for some reason really like OP's ex. I've seen this happen before, parents love an ex just as much as their children.

fthislyfe 22

18: But no one can replace your own children. They have to consider their feelings first.

18 really as much as their own children, creeper much?

Get the dog to leave them a present on their pillow.

kjbirch7 0

agreed! sry op :(

I agree 18; just because a couple breaks up doesn't mean that everyone (including the parents) has to pick one or the other. What if you still want to be friends with both? As for real-life examples, both my sisters have made it very clear that if my fiance and I ever break up they will take him over me. I took it as a good sign for how well he fits with the family and while I'd be annoyed if they actually picked him over me, I wouldn't begrude them if they stayed friends in the event of a breakup

fadingfaith 4

My Aunt divorced her husband and remarried another guy who she had kids with. But her ex mother in law still visits her because she knows how her son is hardheaded and she said she will always have feelings for my aunt.

You should have gone with them and made it really awkward for your ex. Extra points for you if you get really drunk and make a speech.

LiyIa_fml 8

Embarrass your ex by telling stories about her to everyone. Get drunk and have fun! Make a fool out of yourself and your parents and PARTY! Until you get thrown out :)

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OP is the her...

Come on, can't they be friends with your ex?

grapes1414 0

Doesn't mean it happens tho !

At least the dog still wants to be with you.

tell them they might as well bring the dog with them, it would make a good playmate for your ex.

SpaceMan55 1

Like a boss!

detroitsucks247 3

^ Like a fail

sephoraprincess 7

that's an insult to the dog..

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Why would they go to your ex's wedding?

jillianmathers12 13

That's the point of the FML!

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Tell them to tell your ex that you said hi

rayrae24 5

Your parents are more loyal to your ex than you.

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Captain Obvious to the rescue!

TorturedXeno 27

Lieutenant Sarcasm shoots down the attempt!

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Narrator narrator... narrates.

Good analysis

I thought 7 had been rather witty though...

HentaiBunny 4

Lmao! Lieutenant Sarcasm.

Nothing to do with loyalty. If OP made te ex a part of the family then say cheated. How is that fair to the ex or the family? No one knows the circumstances.

Aww sucks op, hope you like the dog :)

does a dog really need a sitter if parents will only be gone like a few hours?

Well no but I guess op doesn't really have a choice

Why would op wanna go to there ex's wedding anyways?

I don't think she wanted too. I think it just makes her upset her parents want to go. that is a weird situation. but then again I bet my ex's mom is coming to my wedding. she's under close with all her sons gfs and friends

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It's pretty hard to turn down free booze and food.

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so how was the dog?

heylesha 8

You should have went too.

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Fuck that