By HelpMe1 - 06/11/2014 06:53 - Indonesia - Jakarta

Today, my boss told me to fire the unstable, former military, gun nut employee. He's been making death threats to his supervisors. FML
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Firing anyone sucks, but especially one who makes death threats? That's really nice of your employers to do to you.

Maybe he's a believer in "don't shoot the messenger"


I will not make a firing pun......

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#1, you're fired


Nothing wrong with a firing pin here and there

OP i suggest u video the firing. You might need it as evidence somewhere. Goodluck. Buhahahahahahaha *showing myself out*

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Well fuck

Firing anyone sucks, but especially one who makes death threats? That's really nice of your employers to do to you.

If he's making death threats and is former military he could have PTSD. He could need some serious help.

I'm assuming you're not his supervisor.

Only americans get ptsd; indonesians however don't get it cause they are not at war.

wow. i hadnt realized that someone could be so ignorant. PTSD isnt just caused by war. but judging from the FML, they said "former military" so im gonna assume he was in the military here

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32 if you seriously think only Americans get PTSD or that it only happens to combatants, congratulations. You have just created a new category of stupid.

PTSD can come from any type of traumatic experiences, such as rape or assault.

I have PTSD due to a car accident when I was 9 that killed my little sister. I'm 17 and have never been to war. So tell me, how can I not have PRAD?

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Umm maybe just let him down easy. Like give him a gift basket.

Then he'll flip thinking you're calling him a-- basket case.

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or send him a fruit cake a fruit cake a fruit cake.

Or tell him the SOB of a boss is making you so it and you wish the two of you could teach him a lesson.

#57 but that means that if that crazy guy actually does something then you will be linked to him as an accomplice when the police get involved

That probably blew you away

Do it then run for your life...literally by the sounds of it...

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Yeah, OPcan outrun a bullet.

Maybe he's a believer in "don't shoot the messenger"

Have some coworkers come with you in a "firing" squad to dismiss him safetly.

Call him while he's at home, don't give your name. Hahaha

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hopefully he cant recognize your voice!

Use Christian Bale's voice as batman! He'll never know!

Use a pay phone.

Private piles ready for duty!

No one saw full metal jacket ? Jebus.

Maybe more would understand if you also grabbed your crotch and said "This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, this is for fun."

Drop your cocks and grab you socks.