By grant b - 09/06/2011 04:06 - United States

Today, my boss asked if he could pay me in guns. FML
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Isn't that's how everyone is paid in Texas?

Valentina_Baby 7

And that's how you survive the zombie apocalypse


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Isn't that's how everyone is paid in Texas?

MizzErikaHart 8

tell him you wanna get paid in trident layers.

I would have totally taken the offer lol. Do you know their street value? =P Make more than what he'd pay you in a paycheck lol. Just saying.

I get paid in monopoly money. But atleast everytime I play monopoly I win. 8)

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Well op can just rob the guy afterwards.

johnson94 5

guns don't kill people - Uh Uh - I kill people with guns - Uh huh

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No one ever pays me in guns. :[

QwertyMcNugget 0

No one ever pays me in guns. :[

you also get a gun for every alcoholic drink you buy.

57, how did I know someone would bring call of duty into this?

MyCleverName 2

85 Jon Lajoie reference FTW!!

gideeupp 9

how is this an FML? That would be amazing.

that's exactly what I was thinking!

I wish that's how they paid us in Texas!! how the hell is that an fml?! I would kill for that boss!!!

jmtmxer 0

no no no you got it all wrong ..... we get paid with boots and mexicans here.....

#57 first off you obviously just suck at call of duty considering the famas is one of the better guns, second your just an idiot

arlekin21 0

say yes then use said gun to rob him

rherring 1

guns don't kill people... husbands that come home early do.

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no no no y'all got it all wrong ... we get paid with mexicans...

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201 wat do u got against texas?

ahahaha 226 is a mexican:p and that's how we get paid in the SOUTH baby!!

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57- I dunno my dad has about 13 guns and has some pretty nice ones that ya didn't mention.

happy Gilmore is one hell of a movie:)

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aww... nobody ever pays me in gum

He should ask for a raise. Think of the possibilities, like riding to work in a tank everyday. what traffic.

itsgonnahappento 11

take the gun and shoot that son of a bitch!

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#2 no it comes with every drink

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I find your comment profoundly stupid.

Valentina_Baby 7

And that's how you survive the zombie apocalypse

zombie Land lol awesome that his boss was preparing him for that

You can never be too prepared for the inevitable future of zombies attacking the world.

my boss has been paying me in guns for a Long time now. I recent got a raise.

so ummm... like where do you work. im trying to find a job.

Paid in .45's? .22's? .308's? .50's? .223's? or the new .416's?

oops_im_fucked 8
dragonstrike94 8

He didn't say he gets any ammo

why not the .950 JDJ, biggest and most fun rifle ever made :p

DyKy 2

so u don't have to buy them ;) it makes things easier for you ;)

Because eating guns has been proven to work in two world wars and a lot of small conflicts. If only the people knew that landmines taste way better than bread, the middle east would love us for placing them there. Ungrateful bastards!

You sure he didn't ask you if he could pay you in gum?

If you only have two guns, you need a boss who'll give you more.

you need more than two! draw the line at 83 unless they are free.

memo619 0

so where exactly do you work?

if it's a sniper rifle then sweeeet. shoot vermin from miles away :p

andoprime 4

who's your boss I love guns :-p

looking at your comment and it profile picture it's hard to believe that u wrote that smiley face.

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emmiep1011 7

say no and that you'll only except pennies