By cyn1cal99 - United States - Derby
Today, after mowing my neighbor's lawn for 3 years for free without being asked to, he finally came out while I was in the middle of it. Expecting a "Thank you" or some cash, he instead said, "You missed a spot" and walked back inside. FML
cyn1cal99 tells us more :
Hey Guys. A lot of you have been asking why I mowed this neighbors lawn. Well, for one the person living there is an older person and while they probably could do it themselves, I don't think they should have to. My other reason for it, is that I mow the houses on the right, and left of it for pay. I find it more convenient to just mow all three of them across at once.
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  \  |  28

It could be that the neighbor already hired someone else to do the job, and that OP was mistaken as the worker...

  ajh557  |  22

No op deserves it, if your going to do something nice for someone without them asking you to do it it's wrong to expect an award, the guy was probably joking with op anyway

  Sir_ND_Pity  |  35

2 - I think OP should make one last go at it, but wait until the grass is tall-ish. They can then proceed to mow part of it, preferably into a picture or phrase (take your pick), and then leave it as is for the ungrateful neighbor to enjoy :D


15 Haha I was just thinking the same thing. Next time OP can mow a "penis" into his neighbors lawn or maybe even "you're welcome" works too. Then we'll see if the prick ever comes out to say that you missed a spot again. What an ungrateful dick you have for a neighbor. Definitely FYL OP.

By  summerguy97  |  16

Why have you been mowing his lawn for all this time without him asking? Did you just offer or did you just decide to spontaneously mow his lawn after you were done with yours?


My neighbour used to trim our hedge for us. Because they were joined, so when he finished his side he'd just trim our part too. But we made him tea and bought him beers as a thank you now, being rude will get you nowhere.

  CrissyyyS2  |  22

I would help my neighbor with groceries if I see them carrying too much and might need help. They thank me and when they bake goodies I get an invite (: It also feels good to help them out since we're neighbors and all.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Since lawn in on someone's property, it seems strange to me that the OP wouldn't have at least asked the neighbor if he/she could do it. As generous as it might be, wouldn't that still be trespassing? I mean, I wouldn't want some random neighbor taking it upon themselves to mow my lawn without my permission.

  abbypoo  |  11

My neighbor used to mow our lawn without asking. It pissed me off because a) I enjoy mowing the lawn b) he would set his lawnmower to the lowest setting and leave bald spots all over c) we had to look at his nasty ass w/o a shirt on d) he would destroy anything in our yard not picked up. Not saying OP is a bad mower, but not everyone is down with not being asked. This went on for an entire year before my husband & I mustered up the courage (and tact) to get him to stop. My lawn still has bald spots.