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  lexa1love  |  16

I guess a restraining order is good in the way that it's official that there is a problem... but I know two people that it did not help at all. If she threatened you in writing I would report it to the police, if not then I would get a gun and a carry permit, and hope that she isn't unstable enough to really do anything.

  \  |  28

In Los Santos in 1992, that same vest only cost $200. And it worked like a charm.

  fml121785  |  14

This is what they need to screen for when selling guns to people, not take them away from people completely... Call the ex's and check their mental stability!

  TwistedCherub1  |  15

If they called my exes for a permit they would think I'm unstable, but not dangerous. We all behave a little crazy (I prefer irrational) when love goes bad, but death that's aren't my style.

  psiloveyou15  |  12

#22, restraining orders are typically a few hundred feet. I can hit a target at 500 yards with a weapon that is certainly not a sniper rifle. She doesn't need to be that close to get a decent shot in.

Anyway, OP, either move and change your contact info, or get your own concealed carry license and start packing heat.

  ilytyvm  |  25

I'm a good shot too, but that doesn't mean she is... what I would do is inform the cops that there is a problem. if she is that psychotic, she probably shouldn't be out wandering the streets, especially with a weapon of that magnitude.

  mattjamt  |  16

27 - What the hell are you shooting that can hit 500yds that is not a rifle. A concealed carry only allows certain handguns, none with an extended barrel. We do competition shooting in my family, we've never seen anyone hit that far with a handgun. Maybe 100 yards if they are excellent...

  jodyl1  |  5

Where I live, if you can prove she has any mental condition or a prescription for any mental disorder, the CCW gets revoked immediately (had a similar situation - ex-gf- on Lexapro and Effexor. Just showed the 'scripts to the local Sheriff, they revoked her permit within a few hours after confirming).

  hansbo  |  6

This discussion is moronic. If she isn't worried about the legal consequences of murder, why would she be worried about violating a restraining order? It's not like an invisible, uncrossable barrier suddenly pops up when you get one.


Its the governments fault because even if she had a warrant out on her name she would get a permit. The government doesn't even check your background anymore and that's why these nut jobs are able to get guns and kill people.

  Red_Ninja_20  |  5

Interesting. One bill that wanted to close loopholes in background checks was voted down by one party because it was a "violation" of their 2nd Amendment right...

  JACKxRAWR  |  22

Jesus fucking Christ! Surprisingly enough, they do perform background checks on people buying firearms. Also, mass shootings almost entirely occur in "gun free zones" where the shooter knows he'll receive no resistance from armed civilians. If you're going to jump on the Gun Control bandwagon, at least have a valid argument.


Didn't anyone ever tell you??

It's not the size that matters: it's how you use it! Seriously, a .22 will do you just fine if you can keep a level head and put the bullet in the right place.