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Today, I met my girlfriend's parents. Her dad showed me his gun collection, and said the first rule of gun safety is never to point a gun at something you don't intend to kill. All while waving a handgun in my direction and glaring at me with barely suppressed rage. FML
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Relax, no matter what he says he isn't going to shoot you. Treat his daughter with respect and he will eventually stop acting so obnoxious towards you.

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Good opportunity to show him all the reasons not to shoot you and why his daughter chose you!


Maybe he has been reading the texts you send each other

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I'd really like to know what OP did to piss that guy off but somehow I doubt this.

CynePhoba 23

Good opportunity to show him all the reasons not to shoot you and why his daughter chose you!

I picture OP expressing his good intentions to his girlfriend's father while being in the desert digging his own grave at gun point.

I agree! OP should tell him amd reaffirm it with his actions that he respects his daughter and will not let any harm come to her. It's a fathers job to scare the living shit out of you before allowing you to take her out. He has spent her whole life taking care of her and has to clean up after a guy breaks her heart, its natural to be protective of her. Lets face it he was a guy and remembers that no one ever looked at a girl, turns to the guys and says, wow I would totally buy that girl a slice of pie and a cup of coffee! More like I want to give it to her until her toes curl!

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I don't really think all guys say how badly they want to bone chicks they like. There are guys that have respect towards women. Same goes for women.

Relax, no matter what he says he isn't going to shoot you. Treat his daughter with respect and he will eventually stop acting so obnoxious towards you.

That is true. But depends how crazy the dad is and what state op lives.

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^Nope, not even. Even in Texas, you can't just kill someone in your own house with no probable cause. Besides, the girlfriend sure as hell wouldn't testify that the shooting was justified. Those dads are just saying that to scare the bf.

well now if OP actually physically hurts her, her dad could claim temporary insanity and only get a few years, if that, depending on how badly he hurts him. I mean he could hurt him fairly badly and not get too much time of he doesn't actually try to kill him. . . just sayin

Actually... there was a story on the news a few weeks ago where a teenager went to see his girlfriend. Her dad answered the door and pointed a gun at his face and told him to leave. He refused, and the dad shot him in the face. Thankfully the boy is alive, the bullet grazed the side of his head.

It was probably just a power play but that would be a bit horrifying. Just be good to your girlfriend as a general rule and maybe you and her father will end up as buddies.

Subtlety is not his strong suit, is it?

In this case, "defiantly" might actually suffice

I don't think defiantly means what you think it means...

Well, I meant definitely. Anyhow, I didn't know what defiantly means and now I do. Sorry, english is my 4th language.

yea, im having enough trouble learning a second language.

I bet you're going to treat his daughter REAL well now.

I wonder if I am the only one who thinks this is stupid. I mean, sure, every parent wants their kid to be treated well by their partner, but waving guns around? really? Doesn't he trust his daughter to pick good people to be with? that kind of stuff would end up just chasing away potential boyfriends because it's so obnoxious and dumb. What happened to just sitting down with the person and telling them to "treat my child right?"

THANK YOU!! It is ridiculous, childish and pathetic. Life happens. Some people are jerks sometimes but you shouldn't assume every guy your daughter dates is going to be that person. And it isn't just the guy - girls can be jerks too. But they aren't sat down and threatened.

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Speaking as a father of a beautiful girl, that's the point; to scare away any potential boyfriends that would break my girl's heart. If it doesn't scare him away, maybe he really cares for her. My daughter already knows a gun will be nearby when she brings home any potential suitors. The "treat my daughter right" conversation will happen with a little proof that I'm serious nearby.

Because as we all know, guns aren't tools for hunting and combat, guns are there to make you look tough because you don't have any faith that your dick is big enough.

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^that's stupid. In some cases, the in-laws can make or break it. Doesn't matter who I'm dating if the father is a complete psycho. When your daughter hides everything from you, you only have yourself to blame.

But 33, wouldn't scaring them away break her heart...?

that is a massive over reaction #62 dont you think?

33 yeah, having your daughters boyfriend think "if I make one mistake, her father will literally kill me" all the time, is such a good start for a healthy relationship. you're such an idiot. guys will break her heart and she will break some hearts too. no need to get your guns.

This is the reason why we need gun control. Joking or not, that is highly irresponsible.

I'm just saying. It's idiots who take gun ownership lightly like this that ruin it for the responsible ones.

That being said my dad told me my moms uncle (who raised her and her siblings) met my dad the first time with a shotgun on his lap. My dad didn't let it bother him at all and showed my uncle he wasn't afraid and my uncle loved him after that.

If there's one thing I've learned on the internet it's to never criticize Americans for their obsession with guns. For some reason responsible gun owners get really upset at the idea of having to prove they are responsible gun owners.

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Gun control is a clear line of sight of your target.

Seriously!?? What is it with the stereotype of fathers threatening boyfriends. It isn't reasonable to threaten to kill someone for fear they might break your daughter's heart. She has to have a bf sometime and people break up - it happens. It is ridiculous that he got so hostile towards you. Sheesh. I mean you are his daughter's friend, she chose you. It doesn't always work out but she has a say in this too - he should respect her choices.

Yeah honestly why is it socially acceptable for a father to imply he's going to shoot a boy for hurting his daughter when you know damn well if he threatened a girl for hurting his son he'd be arrested.

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It's our right as a father for 2 reasons: 1 we have to make sure no one hurts our little princess and 2 it's fun

Yeah, they're princesses alright. Princesses locked away that have to wait for a boy to run away with them. When your daughter is miserable, runs off, or completely rebels you know who to blame.