By Chamorru - 11/08/2012 17:53 - Finland - Espoo

Today, it was my twenty-first birthday, and a couple of friends took me out to celebrate. After ordering us shots throughout the night, my friends took off abruptly, leaving me with my very first bar tab. FML
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Chamorru tells us more.

I originally wrote this FML :( haha you just worded it better than me. My friends stuck me with a 500 dollar bar tab.

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Happy birthday! But I'm sorry. That really sucks.

fylx100 19

What dicks! Invite them again, drink as much as you can and go home and leave the tab to them


Happy birthday! But I'm sorry. That really sucks.

You should be sorry!

Nice job... Captain obvious.

thiscrazything 1

Happy birthday, OP! Next time make sure you get top shelf, and leave the bill for them.

OP should get themselves a birthday gift of some new friends who don't ditch during their birthday.

Lol. I suppose I should tell him to go out with those same friends and leave them instead, right? Because it TOTALLY makes sense to go out again with the same people who ditched you on your birthday. Right. What happened to him really did suck and I really am sorry. Not much else to say.

ak4608 8

Mazel tov!

expertsmilee 26

21 aint just about bars, it's about bar tabs as well, they're just trying to teach you. Lesson learned, make sure you thank them before you kick their asses.

kut17 11

Welcome to the real world.

citymayer 7

Sorry but I live in the real world and my friends are assholes.

15-Your comment.... It's oozing with stupidity.

I live in the real world and my friends aren't assholes. I also don't drink much, but that's besides the point. Get better friends OP.

2, your comment should be followed by, "...and get new. better friends!" With wisdom, some people realize a few, really nice, trusting friends are better than having many friends who don't treat them well.

fylx100 19

What dicks! Invite them again, drink as much as you can and go home and leave the tab to them

Although that seems right. It's childish

blcksocks 19

You can't be too nice to people who betray you... You can call it childish if you like.

saIty 17

I see many more in the future. Trust me I am a certified psychic.

Michael_92 20

Tell me then, when will the world end?

saIty 17

Well 27, my senses tell me that it CAN'T end in 2012 because Kanye West would just interrupt it, and it would just keep on going.

If you want a giggle google the Kanye West Apology Generator, fun to be had for all ages!

Maybe you should have kept better tabs on your friends.

Picture fits the comment. Haha

lexiieeex3 32

Oh puns

It's a pretty ingenious idea if you think about it... You think you are going out to celebrate, and by the end of it you'll be to drunk to do more than pitifully stumble after them.

BongRipsForJesus 7

*too drunk to Beat me to it :p

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Was the before or after a stranger stuck his tongue in your mouth while yawning?

Ahh i see what you did there

"Friends" you say? I always feel uncomfortable when other people pay for me, I would never be able to leave someone with my bill. That's just me though, clearly your "friends" have a different mindset.

12 - That's because you're a sound human being with a conscience. OP's friends? Not so much.

Hope you kept the bill and collected their share of money from them later on. You have some shitty friends. ***If I were you, I'd start paying as you go from now on.