By Notre_Dame_714 - 08/04/2015 21:17 - United States

Today, I went to the gun range for a birthday and got shot in the foot by my mom. FML
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This is why you go through gun safety first.

A foot is better than getting it in the ass any day in my book..


A foot is better than getting it in the ass any day in my book..

And a bullet in your ass is better than a bullet to the head. What's your point? just telling OP worse could've happened?

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Or to your private parts...ow..

This is why you go through gun safety first.

Now we just need to make the American police go through gun safety. (Sorry in advance, I couldn't help myself)

Not all cops are incompetent rascists. The few who are give the majority of cops a bad name (assuming youre referencing the recent occurences of white cops shooting unarmed black men)

If they were going to a gun range they've probably already gone through gun safety. Just because you know how to be safe doesn't mean accidents can't happen.

Why are we discussing about cops now? Go to reddit if you wanna bring up different subjects that are not related to the story.

Whenever anyone says "'merica" their opinion is instantly null and void

Well then it's a good thing I said "'murica" isn't it?

What's wrong with being right-wing and toting guns? If being a right-wing gun toter is wrong, then I don't wanna be right! ... Or left.

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She was trying to catch a wabbit by your foot, did you go and see the Doc?

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I guess that's pay back for the pain she felt during your birth. (Not meant as an insult)

C-sections hurt like a b*tch after the fact. They cut through your stomach muscles to get to the baby and that can take longer to heal. Plus you are healing with a newborn needing all your attention so unless you have a strong network of people helping you out it is a trial to say the least.

You do realize that when a mother gives birth it's not the child's fault she endures pain. She knew of the repercussions of getting pregnant. You simply can't use that as an excuse