By Notre_Dame_714 / Wednesday 8 April 2015 21:17 / United States
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  davidpropert  |  32

Not all cops are incompetent rascists. The few who are give the majority of cops a bad name (assuming youre referencing the recent occurences of white cops shooting unarmed black men)

  EbyKat  |  16

C-sections hurt like a b*tch after the fact. They cut through your stomach muscles to get to the baby and that can take longer to heal. Plus you are healing with a newborn needing all your attention so unless you have a strong network of people helping you out it is a trial to say the least.


You do realize that when a mother gives birth it's not the child's fault she endures pain. She knew of the repercussions of getting pregnant. You simply can't use that as an excuse

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