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"I like girls with big titties, I like girls with big vaginas" "I have got a ten inch penis, use your mouth to help me clean it" "Someday I'll be old enough to stick my dick in Britney's butt" "I like fucking silly bitches, cuz i know my penis likes it" "I can't die. I've experienced death countless times. Sometimes I see a bright light. Sometimes I see Heaven, or Hell. But eventually no matter what I wake up in my bed wearing my same old clothes. The worst part? No one even remembers me dying. I go to school the next day and everyones just like 'oh, hey Kenny'. You wanna whine about curses, Hindsight? You're talking to the wrong fucking cowboy." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ For more info on Kenny McCormick watch Southpark on comedy central. Make sure to check out the new episodes every Wednesday at 10 on comedy central

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