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Today, my students all handed in their 1,000 word papers. The assignment was for them to write about a strong, benevolent leader who influenced the world. Around half of the papers were about Hitler. FML
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pwnman 33

I did not Nazi that coming, nor you did.


pwnman 33

I did not Nazi that coming, nor you did.

Anne Frankly, I did. This generation's education—almost regardless of country—is going to heil.

revan546 24

Well, he was a "strong leader that influenced the world", just not benevolent :

That's what I was thinking. Maybe they missed that part. Or maybe most students these days just don't know what "benevolent" means. ...Which would be sad, but not as sad as if people thought Hitler was actually a benevolent leader.

YellowKettleBell 31

I never thought I'd ever see Nazi puns.

ZeroProxy 4

I'd have picked PSY, he leads people in dance!

Do you think he would of loved Justin Bieber too? He's a blonde head.

falon142012 22

95, that's very original! I like that one a lot. Lol.

What's wrong with your students? Reich, seriously.

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They never said whether they influenced the world positively or negatively. I'm writing a paper on someone who influenced the world and I chose Adolf, I'm showing from both perspectives how he positively influenced The people his crimes were benefiting, and how he negatively influenced the rest of the world.

Tomorrow's assignment: define the word "benevolent." Even to his own people, you could call him a powerful leader, an efficient leader, but benevolent would be pushing it.

Although the assignment did say that the paper should be about a benevolent leader, not only one that has influenced us.

"Benevolent leader" Was Hitler a leader you would describe as benevolent?

bluefrootloops 13

31 there are PLENTY of great leaders to pick from in lots of different eras and cultures, which would have made an interesting topic had everyone not jumped onto the Hitler bandwagon-- it wasn't even in the parameters because I'm sure that this wasn't OP's idea of benevolent, no matter what you might think. So I feel for you, OP, there was a great diversity in leaders and a great oppurtunity to be creative, from anything like Shoguns, Kings, Mayors, Presidents to seemingly-average people or otherwise.

Sadgirox 7

I think #17 is proof that most people don't know what benevolent means.....

MichellinMan 20

No matter how terrible this sounds, I don't see how this is an FML. Hitler truly was the greatest leader of all time. While all of his actions were just awful unspeakable things, he single handedly almost wiped out a race, while fighting a war and leading a Hitler youth. I would imagine their paper to be in the same general gist, but I don't see how this is an FML. I hope people understand.

They still missed the brief. The teacher specified benevolent. Now we argue on the meaning of benevolent but Hitler surely does not fall into this category no matter how you want to see it :)

Hitler was not benevolent and genocide is bad mmkay

I think part of the problem would be that half of OP's students don't understand the meaning of "benevolent".

It's an FML because Hitler was not benevolent.

PresidentNorth 16

Sometimes I get malevolent and benevolent confused. Maybe this is what happened to the students.

Well if you ever get confused a dictionary is always handy. When in doubt, always check.

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Pretty sure it's the other way around since "benevolent" is confused in their vocabulary.

You could say it was... just kidding I have nazi-nmy joke book.

Benevolent obviously means "been violent", duh....

be·nev·o·lent bəˈnevələnt/ adjective well meaning and kindly. "a benevolent smile"

I must say, he did influence the world quite a bit. And thanks to him we did got a rush in technology. So yeah, I might would've done the same in the name of laziness... Google gives a lot of information about him

Google gives a lot of information about everything. And his benevolence is quite debatable.

What technology rush did Hitler create? All he did was find better ways to kill people...

askullnamedbilly 33

Rush in war technology, maybe. The rest, not enough to be significant, no.

What we can take from the beginning of human history up until about the 90's is that war has always lead to technological advancements. The second World War is no exception to this. Nuclear fission, infrastructural improvements, radio and radar were all strongly influenced by the need to find implementations that would make them beneficial in war. Those implementations also allowed an easy application outside of battle. Another example, although not credited to the second World War itself, were placebos, who's major uprise happened due to war times.

Damn it... You got a point #90, I guess this subject just clouds my view on the bigger perspective.

Next class assignment: get them all to look up the word "benevolent".

I was gonna say that. Get them to do a 1000 word assignment on the definition of benevolence.

DaMann360 19

That 8-bit dinosaur profile pic tho...

classiceagle63 16

I now understand why they didn't write it about you. You can't even persuade them not to write about Hitler.

Unless the students openly wore swastikas beforehand I don't think OP could've prevented this...