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Today, I had to explain to half of my class that yes, my birthday is on the same day as Hitler's, but no, it does not make me a Nazi. FML
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Yeah, in a dictatorship, there is only the dictator's birthday. Anyone else is not human.

Dude look at the bright side... Your birthday is 4/20! ;)

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Hitler's birthday, April 20, was a shitty day... The BP Oil Spill and the Columbine High School massacre also happened on his birthday..

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Oh and #56, it should also be noted that North Korea's calendar begins on Kim II Sung's birthday...

Wanna trade? I have the same birthday as Justin Beiber.

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I hope you're a history teacher. Otherwise, how does one come about such a topic?

Hitler's birthday is my half-birthday... And I'm a grammar nazi...

Half birthday? Screw it, Julius Caesar is my half birthday too.

What can I say. I came, I saw, I conquered....not in that order....giggity

"Then fall, Caesar!" Great play by Shakespeare.

How does that not make you a Nazi? You jew-killing, apocalypse creating monster.

I know, right? My dad's birthday is December 25, so he must be Jesus!

Weird I don't no when hurlers birthday is and I'm in highschool ap. we'll y are u celebrating hitlers birth in the first play

You're in AP? More proof that IB is the superior program.

Do you recognize what you're writing?

Hitter's birthday falls on 4/20 also known as international weed day

If you're in AP, someone has clearly made a mistake, as your comment is verging on the incoherent, given the misspellings and poor punctuation.

Jesus Christ. This makes me ashamed to be in AP.

We'll it seems you must not be doing so well in those AP classes btw you should probably go study more then come back on this app

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This has to be wildly exaggerated. People can't be this stupid.

After all the explanations you had to give: Happy birthday to you OP!

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Well, what are the odds then eh? Precisely 1 in a 365 chance.

Not quite precisely. It's 4 in 1461, taking into account 29th of February. My apologies, I wouldn't normally do it, I'm just supposed to be preparing to an exam right now. So, anything's better.

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The Columbine shooting happened the same day, does that make you a psycho?

maybe he's a fascist, pyscho, pothead. PERFECT STORM

The pothead in him could take over. Just order him a pizza and he'll never bother anyone.

Mabye he is a pothead who plays COD and corrects peoples grammer

You share that burden with about 1/365th of the world's population. I'm pretty sure there are some nazis among them. Good for you that you aren't one of them.

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I Snyder think that's how that statistic works.