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By DanceOnTheEdge - 20/07/2009 01:23 - United States

Today, I was riding in the car with my boyfriend. While he was driving, I held out my hand as an offer for him to hold it. Instead, he grabs me by the wrist and shoves my hand down his pants. Lovely. FML
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Aww.. Your boyfriend is a pervert.. I would never do that to my girlfriend..


Aww.. Your boyfriend is a pervert.. I would never do that to my girlfriend..

#1 and #5... I see a pattern.. french canadian virgins

#9: First of all, Canadians are losers. I'm french FROM FRANCE. Second of all, just because American men are stupid perverts that get aroused at the sight of a female, doesn't mean the rest of the world does too.

The French are from France! Admiral Obvious! Call the bomb squad! Alert the Government! Get me a fudgie bar!

#9 right, if Canadians and the French are all virgins then Americans all **** their sisters.

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Yeah, americans are @@$h013s

DON'T BE DISSIN' CANADIANS, FOO! ;P French Canadians are what you call the Quebecois. Although people really should call them Quebecois since they're from Quebec. LMFAO. And don't be dissing them. They're good people. And the shop "Simons" is shopping heaven. &&Poutine&Tirets? Delicious. But don't be dissing Canadians. Or French Canadians for that matter. We're just like Americans. I know, cuz I moved to Canada from LA. LOL :) But.. anyways.. for this FML, uhmm.. Well.. He's just not the type of romantic you were hoping for right? But this isn't really an FML I think.. Just let him know you weren't comfortable with that.. LOL &&he'll stop if he's a good boyfriend.

#42. my bf is American (cause we live here in USA....duh) and he would never do that...he holds my hand all the time and he is sweet and all #9. shut the **** up

Not all americans are idiots, honestly I mean obviously some are but it really isn't right to speak of a section of people in a group! There's going to be retards in every country. For this FML I would say change your attitude, Obviously if he did this he thinks you are into this kind of stuff. You probably gave him an impression you were into that kind of stuff. I thinks it's your fault. If you weren't like that he wouldn't do that.

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FYI the americans saved the french *******, and the rest of europe in world war 1 and 2. If it wasn't for the USA you'd all be speaking ******* german right now.

I agree. By your logic, all American are stupid perverts, all French are wimps, all Germans are Nazis, all Iraqis are suicide bombers, and all Mexicans are trying to get across the border illegally into America. Honestly dude...stereotypes are not cool.

Umm... there's no way Hitler had the manpower to take over the world. If the US hadn't joined the war, things may have turned out differently, but we wouldn't "all be speaking German" now.

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you figured out the world #136, all of that is exactly true... and the french are definitely *******

I wasn't trying to figure out the world...though apparently I did. I was trying to show the French person "from France" up there that just because it happens a few times, doesn't mean everyone is like that. I'm sure he doesn't think or himself as a wimp.

FYI the americans saved the french *******, and the rest of europe in world war 1 and 2. If it wasn't for the USA you'd all be speaking ******* german right now. #134 - On 07/20/2009 at 10:55am by wrestling49 - reply Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. (Second World War) It was a group effort. If the Soviet Union didn't fight, same as if USA hadn't. Yep, good old Russia (although having worse war crimes than Hitler) meant that the Nazis were fighting on both fronts. They lost a vast amount of people in their fights, and must have been just as useful as USA in the defeat of Hitler. I should also point out that USA only came in when they had to. If Germany hadn't declared war on USA, who knows, we may still be under a Nazi regime. USA watched us die for a couple of years, loaning us money whilst we fought, came in at the last minute, then got fat on our cash, UK sank and USA got rich. Yeah, very courageous. I am not against USA in the war, of course they saved Europe's butts, but UK and the Soviet Union also saved Europe. It wasn't single-handed, and it wasn't honourable. Sorry, but the US arrogancy pisses me off no end.

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#65: That's just in West Virginia. lmao.

Ok not all but im american and live here and yeah most ameicans are retarded its pretty sad yesterday outside walgreens a lady asked if she could buy a quick bar of chocolate while i was looking for what i wanted at a machine it was for renting movies im moving to europe though :D

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You know you can swear in these comments, right?

Honestly, i live in Canada, but i was born in America, Canada is an all around nicer country, but i fuxken hate the french(Canadian).Never have I met a ruder group of people.They are so ignorant, and they alwase feel they are superior to other Canadians. People from Quebec, should peace the fuxk out of Canada.

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I see how that would bug you. Sex-obsessed and doesn't care how you feel? He even turns something as innocent as holding hand into something profane(and public, since you were in a car... which could also get you in trouble). That sucks. Everyone here who is cheering him only probably has only gotten a hand job or hasn't been in a legit relationship. Relationships are more then just sex, and he lacks in those areas. Go find yourself a real man and quit this shit! FYL :/

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I heard France helped America with the American Revolution.... hm....

Okay, okay. I didn't mean ALL Americans. Maybe there are smart, cool ones. Maybe even geniuses. But I'm just saying, everyone I've met here in America act the same way. But then, that's just my oppinion. And America did save France's ass in WWII. But for that, we gave you the Statue of Liberty. And I think America came at like the last second. Not sure though. And when I said whatever I did about Canadians (I don't remember what I said xD) I meant the people from Quebec. Ever met one of them? Complete. Jerks. And very rude, might I add.

Yeah sure, MAYBE. Good luck finding one..

Bahaha, that's funny. You need to just relax, I bet he's kidding. I do that to my girlfriend sometimes. x] She either plays around down there, and pulls out her hand.. Or rolls her eyes at me. xD

And if it wasn't for the french you'd have lost the war for independence.

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Quebec is French. And is a province in Canada

Don't forget Canada was a great importance too!

OF COURSE if he assaults her it's her fault, and not a product of his serious issues with women! Yay!

#134: America wouldn't be the way it is now without England. If we hadn't invaded America in the first place, it would still have an accurate image of the Native Americans (instead of them being bad guys in cowboy films or themed casinos) and the world would have a better stereotype than fat jerks.

YDI, let him do what he wants. God he's not your property.

Yes... she is... most guys would not be disturbed/grossed out at all if their g/f did that with his hand. Women need to realize sexual desire for them is a good thing and comply/enjoy it.

That doesn't make a human being another human being's property just because they're going out.

After reading all this i forgot what the fml was about. WE ALL LIVE ON THE SAME PLANET, let's just get along

SO romantic I love when guys do this kind of stuff. I don't want him to hold my hand I want him to want me

Blue balls is a bitch, you gotta give him a helping hand.

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wow.. #2 is a jackass you should call the cops... sexual harrasment

It's not harassment but definitely a matter for the police

Its normal i do that all the time with my gf

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Your disgusting, believe it or not women are people too. NOT sex toys. Respect women or you'll live a lonely life.

YDI for thinking he wants to hold your hand.

HAHAHA this comment is full of WIN FACT: Guys don't want to hold hands, no matter what your books/magazines might say. And since I spelled fact in all caps, you know it's true.

not necessarily i dont mind holding hands and at my school u see couples everywhere holding hands guys dont really care whether they hold hands or not but they dont dislike it

well, my boyfriend is the nice exception to the rule then!

Yeah, especially while he is DRIVING! What is she, retarded? Who ******* holds hands while they're behind the wheel?

If you have a decent amount of driving skill/aptitude, then you can easily drive with one hand/holding hands. Just because the driving book they give you to learn from says "both hands must be on the steering wheel at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions" doesn't mean that's the only way to drive. I rarely find myself with 2 hands on the steering wheel of my car, even when making near 90 degree turns.

Really... The guy im with holds my hand without me telling him to. We aren't all inconsiderate mind you.

I'd just be happy that when you leaned over to kiss him, he didn't shove your face in his lap.

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