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Today, I asked my students to buy a copy of Anne Frank's diary for an assignment. One of them asked me in all seriousness who wrote it. FML
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And they say there's no such thing as a stupid question.


I guess it's time to send them to the summer CAMP. To soon? I guess I'll show myself out.

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Well...Bridget Jones didn't write Bridget Jones' diary. Maybe they thought it was fiction. But still. You would think people would at least have heard of Anne Frank.

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They could've meant they wanted to know who published it.

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That's exactly what I was thinking, #56.

58 - I teach and have never once heard any student express any kind of interest in what publishing company was responsible for a book. I sincerely doubt the student meant to ask about the publisher.

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#66, the kid was dumb enough to ask who wrote Anne Frank's diary. There's always possiblities.

"But, they didn't have books back then. Plus, Anne Frank's dead. She can't write a book when she's dead, duh" Faith in humanity= gone

Thanks for the always unoriginal faith in humanity is gone comment.

It seems pretty self explanatory that Anne Frank wrote Anne Frank's diary. A obvious giveaway would've been the fact that they were likely working on WW2 at the time.

That wasn't the origin of my comment. My comment was basically explaining it could've gotten more stupid than that. I just added the faith in humanity bit at the end, doesn't mean that's what my comment was about. And yes, I'm sorry that I made it unclear.

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You're all was Stephen King!

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#58- Who asks that ******* question?

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88- So that was an awesome goal by Luongo the other night!

Thanks for the always unoriginal I'm clearing up my comment, but actually making it worse comment

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wait a minute I thought tom wrote harry potter

And they say there's no such thing as a stupid question.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

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I just had a friend ask me what the holocaust was. We're in college.

It's not the question that's stupid it's the asker trollolollolloloolololololollolollol

#4 maybe the Mayans were a year early on their calendar.

If the world actually blows up, I'll eat my favorite winter cap before I die!

In a manner of speaking, yes. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. The fact that the kids didn't know (and worse, couldn't deduce) who wrote Anne Frank's diary is a worry, and highlights how quickly history has been forgotten - or in this case, how too many adults forgot to teach the Holocaust to the next generation. So yes, if it remains uncorrected, it could be seen as the beginning of the end. Bigotry in any form should never be overlooked. Kids need to learn about that time in history in order to educate and hopefully avoid a repeat performance (though the way Russia is going at the moment, it's not looking good).

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Isn't she the deaf, dumb, and blind girl?

Yeah, nobody else has seen Clerks 2 besides us. I already posted this and we're getting down voted because the ignorant ones think we're serious.

Ignorance, or maybe the comment itself just sucks regardless.

I don't find anything from that movie unfunny. Of course, there is one thing in that movie that sucks, but it was Kinky Kelly on the receiving end.

I said the comment, not the movie. Implying that your comment MUST be hilarious because it's a reference is like thinking a comment must automatically be funny because it's sarcastic. I doubt I'm the only one who thinks making movie references is just lazy and unoriginal humor.

That was the first thing I thought of when I read the FML. Unlike some people, I'm not trying to use this forum to launch a budding career in comedy.

Then... uhm... why do you care about the thumbs down?

The comments on my post implied that I honestly didn't know that's Helen Keller I was referring to. I figured the down votes were because of that, not because anyone found it unfunny.

36- well that's because he's trying to create a budding career for success.

See, now I can't get past the number 36...thats what thousands of hours of watching movies does to a mind.

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Just imagine what their children will be like...

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I don't wanna live on this planet anymore

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I recommended that a colleague visited the Anne Frank Haus when visiting Amsterdam, his reply was 'Who?' 18 years old, I despair

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**** them, I like this planet, they can get off it!

#111, it's Huis, not Haus. Haus is German.

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74- dumb people don't always make dumb kids

Zimmington 21

87- Thanks for that original comment. Go to Mars so your head can explode for lack of oxygen

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46 - In that case I guess were in the same boat.

Woop , there goes the faith in your grammar as well.

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Guys, if you're goin to comment on someone else's bad grammar, then at least make sure that your own grammar is correct. Otherwise you just look stupid :/

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Don't tell them! It'll ruin the surprise!

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Hah, they could just be having a 'dumb' day. I do stuff like that every now and then.

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there's difference between doing stupid stuff and asking stupid questions

Maybe he's one of these conspiracy theorists who believes the diary is a forgery. He probably also believes the moon landing was faked and that Elvis is alive and working at McDonald's in Alabama.

Naw, they probably believe Futurama's theory about "landing on the moon/carrying a harpoon"