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Today, I collected my students' notes in class to check them. One girl, who is always drawing weird anime crap in her sketchbook, turned in just one piece of paper that read, "FUCK YOUR CLASS." FML
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As much as a teacher shouldn't be doing this, it makes perfect blackmail!

AphyTheBronette 15

Mrs Crabby cakes it's not " weird anime crap" it's technically a form of art. Maybe the girl will grow up to be a great manga artist. Instead try this new concept encourage your students, even if it's outside your comfort zone on traditional art. Oh and talk with her parents she's obviously got anger issues.


As much as a teacher shouldn't be doing this, it makes perfect blackmail!

What if someone found out? Someone's jobless...

It's actually a smart thing to do. If a student is writing notes down, instead of drawing crap, they're more likely to get a better grade. This way the teacher knows who's actually trying to learn.

ByronJess 17

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Agreed. "Anime crap"

Everyone likes there own stuff. He doesn't like anime, that's his opinion and he can share it.

LiesAndMischief 4

3 - I hope you do realize that just because she has her own private thoughts about some student's art doesn't mean she actually VOICED it. As far as we know, the girl had absolutely no reason to do anything that bitchy. And for the record, she has a right to have an opinion. I don't expect everyone to think my art is amazing and even though I love anime, I accept that others hate it.

She's probably a weeaboo.

carminecris89 13

3 I am going to agree with you on that. I'm guessing she might have let the student know her feelings on some level. I went to high school in ga, the state op teaches in and was always in trouble for my pin up drawings. One teacher said that I needed god in my life while talking to another teacher about me in front of me, and that was just one out of 4 years of awful judgmental remarks from the teachers in ga. Ga teachers are very passive aggressive and condescending. I have a hard time feeling sorry for op. While I can't be sure that this is the case, experience has taught me that there's a good chance anime girl has her reasons besides not liking the subject. Besides ops location, her tone is also a good indicator. Throwing in "weird"and "crap" while describing this girls art is overkill for someone who's a teacher.

thenamestaco171 2

Exactly. I draw wierd anime too...D:

I disagree with 34. For some reason a lot of people treat their teachers like shit and then get upset of their teacher treats them the same. She basically told her teacher to fuck off, and you're upset that the teacher didn't show respect for her art? If I was the OP I would have a lot harsher things to say about it than "anime crap". Seriously, teachers don't get paid nearly enough to be putting up with shit like this.

carminecris89 13

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Keliosan 6

I don't understand why the student is getting such a huge amount of hate...most students I've been around don't have the balls to pull something like that unprovoked so I assume her opinion on the "weird anime crap" was know or atleast implied. Also, to all the people that say she can have her own opinion and the student should get over it, please tell me how much you enjoy having someone youre forced to be around regularly judge something you really like and tell me how harsh she's being to this teacher.

i sort of agree with you...i think the reason that the child was so annoyed is BECAUSE the teacher is constantly degrading her art....i highly doubt that the child told her to f*** off first...but i see where you are coming from

Moriarty? More like MORIFARTY Yes good please take +364490 internetz

Even if the teacher didn't like their art and voiced their opinion, the student had no right writing something like that to the teacher. You're in class to pay attention, not to draw. Even if you can learn without taking notes, it is EXTREMELY disrespectful for the student to do anything but pay attention while the teacher is having their lecture. She can draw during lunch or when she has free time in class, not when the teacher is talking.

I've been around plenty of students and some are ballsy enough to say something like that unprovoked. Maybe the teacher's opinion on the art was known or implied and maybe their opinion was influenced by the fact that the student had so much time to draw in class instead, perhaps, of actually taking notes. I wish this student well when they enter the working world and have to deal with co-workers, bosses, and/ or customers who don't appreciate them or their unique talents.

31- Not everyone who likes anime is a weaboo. There's a fine line between liking and being interested in Japanese culture, and wanting to be Japanese.

And we don't like his opinion. Are we not free to share opinions about opinions?

236 I really don't think that if I was the OP I would give people any evidence that I was degrading the student. I agree that if the OP was nice and had never done anything to the student, that she had been taking it too far and should be punished for her actions. But sadly, I have had a lot of teachers who picked favorites, were cruel and got angry for no reason. As a teenager myself, if you have a teacher who is like that, most likely you are not going to just sit and quietly take it. I personally am taking the students side, though I do agree she was taking it a bit too far, because from the way OP wrote she sounded like she had been hating on this student for a while. OP, I apologize if you truly are an amazing and nice teacher. I'm sure a lot of you aren't really taking this seriously because you think I'm the typical "angst-filled rude teenager", but I have had a teacher who yelled at a student in front of the entire class, humiliating her quite thoroughly because the teacher was blaming the student for something that she (the teacher) had lost. If OP is that kind of teacher then I agree that she did deserve It, though there are definitely some less up front and obvious ways to show your dislike for a certain teacher.

I am currently in high school. I have heard my fellow classmates call a certain teacher a bitch behind her back multiple times. I also have this teacher and can say that she has never done anything to them. She is lovely! Why do they call her a bitch? Because she makes us write a lot. There was another teacher in the school that was called a "fucking bitch" right to her face. In my experience, students that act out are generally unprovoked. I believe the OP refers to the anime as crap due to the fact that he or she was angry about the note. OP did not necessarily display her feelings toward the drawings until after she got the note.

Whether the teacher likes you or not, you respect them. Let me tell you a story. I just graduated from high school. I took calculus with one of the harshest teachers at my school. He would constantly embarrass students in his class and was constantly telling us that we were planning on entering college, but not staying in college because of our tests grades in his class. His tests were extremely hard and did not prepare us correctly. He taught us The basics and then tested us on material far beyond our comprehension. Many times he would call me out on mistakes I made on my test with the entire class listening. I nodded my head, apologised and just ignored him. Out of 20 students in that class period, only my friend and I passed his class. I graduated magma cum laude and went into the honors program at my university, and guess what I'm taking? College calculus. Sorry for the long story, trying to make a point and here it is: You may have a crap, rude, and mean teacher, but once you leave his class, you're gone! You don't have to deal with them anymore. I never once disrespected him and turned out fine. You ignore the teacher and move on. Disrespect does nothing for you but can only land you in trouble.

He deserves it for being anti-anime. Anime is the shit. Don't hate.

Actually they get paid pretty good from what I've seen. I'm a child and youth worker and the teacher's mentality emphasized a negative tone. YDI.

I agree with 205. Sometimes people don't have to hate on everything. I think the teacher shouldn't disrespect the girls drawings, but then that girl should say that to the teacher

Well that's putting it awful bluntly.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Just fail her and move on, OP

eternal7 6

Should hand it back with your own comment, FUCK YOUR GRADE

Apparently she doesnt like your class

AbstraktThoughts 13

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AphyTheBronette 15

Mrs Crabby cakes it's not " weird anime crap" it's technically a form of art. Maybe the girl will grow up to be a great manga artist. Instead try this new concept encourage your students, even if it's outside your comfort zone on traditional art. Oh and talk with her parents she's obviously got anger issues.

silvereye12 7

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actually there are many manga companies all over the world looking for artists...last year an artist came to my school to give a talk about her style of manga and where she works...she is a professional mangaka but is based in the UK working for a japanese actually it is not THAT unlikely for her to get a job in that field

Umm, who says she has anger issues? She didn't throw anything, or yell or even storm out of class. Maybe the teacher outwardly mocks her art and she has a strong dislike for her. There's no means of knowing whether OP deserves it. I'm voting she(he? I can't see it while I'm writing a comment on my phone) does deserve it because I've had teachers that are exactly the same way. Drawing during class has also been proven to help the brain absorb knowledge as well. So... In the words of an angry, mistreated student.... "FUCK YOUR CLASS"

#8 - if it's not a class on anime then it's "weird anime crap". You may be the world's best guitarist but you don't get to play in my science class!* A teacher is supposed to be imparting an education to her class not simply indulging their every whim. If anime was required then it would not have been described as "weird crap". If it was not then the student should keep if for her own time. It's all about context. *I'm not a teacher, but you get what I mean.

92 - According to your logic, she needs to move to Japan before her Japanese-inspired manga style of drawing can officially be considered 'manga'. Wth?

Let me try and explain 92's comment. Manga is Japanese graphic novels. To say that Japanese-inspired comics is manga is, to some people, inaccurate because the title is location based. Chinese comics would be manhua, and Korean comics would be manhwa. Similar? Yes. The same? Not to 92.

Kirito_SAO 9

#162 The problem with that is most schools dont have any classes where students can express themselves in any way and many kids home lives are dominated by hw during the week so this leaves little free time for students to use on any personal interests.

But, #295, drawing anime will not, in all but a few very exceptional cases, earn a person a living or advance the human race. It's important for everyone to have some time to express themselves but if they pay attention in class then they might well find their homework easier & quicker and thus have more of their own time to do as they please. It is interesting that because education in the developed world is free, nobody puts any value on it.

well if she's drawing stupid shit during a class, that has nothing to do with class she's in. then she clearly has problems if she getting mad over it

I highly doubt she has anger issues, she's probably just frustrated with having such an asshole for a teacher, who probably publically shames her for drawing said "anime crap" during class.

She very well might, but she might also be responding to the teacher, who stated that they think the girl is weird, that might have been very rude and antagonistic to her. I had a couple rude teachers that would yell at me for reading even after I finished all my class work.

Not that there's any excuse for that kind of vulgar, disrespectful behavior, but I've never understood why teachers feel the need to grade on notes. Surely every student takes notes differently. I hope you're not one of those teachers who insists on students writing down their every word, because that is quite annoying. And honestly... slightly degrading to the students.

Teachers grade students' notes to make sure they are actually paying attention in class.

Since when do teachers grade notes???

So true. I never took notes. The teachers were really pissed off about it but there wasn't much they could do about it as I consistently got the top marks in the class. Not everyone needs notes or writes them in the conventional way.

wildsweetchild 19

Completely agree with you #9. Some have a phenomenal memory and simply see no need to take notes. Plus I think it's really unprofessional for a teacher to be so judgmental on the art of their student, especially if they have no understanding of it. Creative ones are often considered weird, plus they are often more sensitive to the world around them, maybe she felt OPs negativity and simply reacted to it.

julieanne719 0

Most teachers don't grade the quality or content of notes, but there's no problem giving a grade for completion. Sure, some kids can learn without notes, but some can also learn without homework, so it's only right to require the same work from everyone. It doesn't hurt the students who don't need notes to write them, but it certain hurts the other students not to.

All the poor students not being treated fairly, every day by everybody... Oh the Horror!

She didn't say she was grading them, only _checking_ them. She most likely just wants to be sure that when her students come to revise their work they will not have misleading notes. If you don't take notes then she clearly can't help you but at least she is trying. And it's no less disrespectful to a teacher to assume that you know everything that they are going to tell you than it is to a student to assume that they need to write it down. Having students write things down is at least helping them to help themselves.

Kirito_SAO 9

#115 I do not need notes and it does hurt me to write them. I have problems with my fine motor skills due to a birth defect, dyslexia, ADHD, etc and this makes writing difficult for me. Remember that all students are different. Some students need help with understanding the material and others need help with keeping up with class notes and actually completing all their assignments. It is a common mistake in schools to assume that all students learn the same way. A mistake that needs to be corrected immediately.

296 - Obviously you need particular support and there is no question that you should receive it, as should anyone with a special requirement. There is no suggestion here, however, that the student in question has any identified special educational need. If there is a special need that is unidentified then clearly student, teacher and parents should all be responsible for helping to identify that. In this case she simply appears to be an arrogant brat and that also need correcting immediately!

julieanne719 0

It doesn't matter if every student learns the same way. Most teachers I had would use different methods, notes being one, to help students find what helps them the most. However, assigned work is assigned work. Whether it helps or not, it should be done, an your special situation doesn't change that for the students who would have no trouble simply writing a page of notes and getting over it.

7, what you just wrote could probably be said in just about any decade.

Bree12345 15

Maybe you should make your class more exciting?

perdix 29

Actually, if she took the student's advice literally, class would be very, very exciting . . . especially when the cops bust in.

I don't care who the fuck you are or what kind of teacher you are, they is no reason to write that. I don't like some of my teachers but I would never write a note saying FUCK YO CLASS BITCH. That's just disrespectful.

The student never called the teacher a bitch... Just saying.

11- Please don't talk about others' disrespect when you can't seem to control your own cursing. I'm trying not to sound like a jerk, but seriously, needlessly spewing "fuck" and even putting the word "BITCH" in the kid's mouth is nothing short of disrespectful.

Talk about disrespect. How about we change the topic to ignorance? The rest of us are reading this from the teachers point of view. Maybe she's a complete asshat and treats her students like shit, you know just as little as I do. Also, on the topic of disrespect, is calling the girls art "weird anime crap" not disrespectful? You need to learn what disrespect is I think. Or maybe just stop being so blindingly hypocritical. Thanks~

It was an example. Op also never said 'yo'