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Today, I made a speech in front of my entire graduating class and their families, despite my fear of public speaking. It seemed to go well and I got a big round of applause at the end. Then I panicked and instead of waving, I lifted my arm straight out in a Hitler salute. FML
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daydreamer244 13

I bet they did nazi that coming.

iCantKillYou 11

ahaha did people scream HAIL HITLER!!! ?


iCantKillYou 11

ahaha did people scream HAIL HITLER!!! ?

Pretty ignorant of you, especially because you spelled heil wrong. Sorry I'm part German

I'm part german and that's how they spell it in english.

JustinJK 21

No. "Heil hitler" is a specific phrase. We spell it "heil" in that regard, not hail. "Sieg heil". That'd be like if someone said let's go to "neighborhood" when talking about a specific local restaurant. I'd would respond "do you mean Barrio?" It wouldn't be proper for you to say "no that's how the spell neighborhood in America" because I'm talking about a specific restaurant. (Barrio is a restaurant near in my city)

#53 Do you live in Phoenix AZ?

incoherentrmblr 21

#43: Grammar Nazi...

MetalSonicCD 13

#53 I mistook your avatar for Doctor evil taking a mirror shot. Sorry.

I would have

daydreamer244 13

I bet they did nazi that coming.

Bet they were führerious.

hippodankamus 22

Anne Frankly, that must have been surprising.

BasketGhost 17

For whatever reason, though, it seemed like the Reich thing to do at the time.

mif_fml 27

I feel like all these puns are getting old. I think we all need to spend some time in concentration to think of new ones.

martin8337 35

These puns are hilarious!!!!! Thumbs up to them all.

Don't Jew guys know anymore?

Alright, that's enough.

Incoming nazi puns

You win the internet

MrBoredomioo 18

44 make that heilarious

746278Ab 14

Wow, I can't believe you made this joke. Over 6 MILLION people died in concentration camps and you want to make fun of it? I can understand laughing at the misfortunate hand signal of the speaker but laughing at the death of millions of Jews is not right in any country.

I did nazi that coming. Edit: #2 beat me. qq

In your defence, you did post it within the same minute as #2.

gintwinsmoore 20


You got an up vote :p

I hope you realize that there are other countries that spell it "defence." There are other countries than America, you know.

Now you have a funny story to tell your kids when you're older, hope everything sorts itself out!

I hope the speech involved the support of Israel lol, that would be a hard one to recover from

The Germans are comming and they have knives!

Atleast you didn't shit yourself. Don't worry about it, I'm sure they understand :)

I bet that made for an interesting ending

You get the jackass award of the day.

care to explain why?

Bring in two fingers and make the rock symbol, and proceed to head-bang like you're at a death metal concert! People will be intrigued! Immediate respect from the rock fans that are there. "Dude! Did you know they were into rock?" "No, Bro! Dude, this persons awesome!" "Do you think they'll bite the head off a bat like Ozzy?" "Bro! That would be sick!" "Dude... Bro...."-how I imagine rock fans would react to OP.

Or he could've squeezed his palm into a fist, pointed his index finger, and said "love you mom"

Kevlar_burrito 6

no...that's how meat jock retards act