By Well this Is Awkward - 17/12/2013 20:02 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my boyfriend gave me his theory on how the world would be a better place if Hitler had won the 2nd World War. FML
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You want to knock some sense into him, or should I?

Do you have blonde hair and blue eyes?


You want to knock some sense into him, or should I?

Probably both. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, except that one. That one is so very wrong.

@boating_guy: So many things wrong with your statement.

ToySoldier92, I think that was the joke.....

Watch out everyone, we've got a big man

Well, I hope you told him off...

Do you have blonde hair and blue eyes?

Better yet, does he?

this might actually bring a small level of legitimacy to his argument.

#14, how does that legitimise supporting genocide??

That was actually a myth as long as you were catholic and straight you were fine.

Anne Frankly, I bet you did Nazi that coming. Jew better kick him out!

He could have won, if his plan wasn't ruined by a snow storm. Or, if he had not attack the American ship. Would the world would have been a better place? Not unless you were part of what hitler perceived to be the dominant race

Not for them either.

I know right? Just think how that moustache is a fashion no-no now, what a waste.

Time to move on OP.

That's very NATZI of him to say. Maybe time to send him away...

Did you try to make a pun on "naughty?"...

If you say it in an English accent, I guess..

Ohh. I meant British accent.

I'm Natzi-ing the similarity.

Time to move on OP. I hope you mean your EX, OP. You deserve better than that, OP. Wow should I kick some sense into him? Any other generic comments that I forgot?

"I don't see how this is an FML"

Ummm... he wouldn't be here, right?