By Evan Chong - 13/07/2011 14:48 - Canada

Today, I went to a concert with a friend of mine. When his dad came to pick him up, I walked towards the car, expecting a ride. His dad told me he didn't have time to drive me home. I'm his neighbour. FML
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jazziness 12

maybe he had to go somewhere else...


he probably thinks your a bad influence. Are you creepy looking?


Shouldn't of worn that trenchcoat stocked with knives...

dummbrunette 0

hop in the trunk without him knowing and if anyone asks why you're there yell "RAPE"

ssaammiiee 5

you either can't take a joke, or this guy really hates you

take a joke? I don't see how that can be a joke..

Next time don't assume you're getting a lift, ask beforehand.

phreshboi 1

this was at the U2 concert like 2 days ago...

you all realize the neighbor could be on a different route then home right? what if he had to visit his sick grandmother at the nursing home? or the local prison. depending on how badass the grandma is

your language arts teacher don't like you.

Iamaninchworm 0

Maybe next time somebody will put some real initiative into being number one, or fail hardcore like a noob.

Andrew1122 0

maybe he had somewhere to go and thought it would be rude to take you along his errand because maybe it was going to take a long time.....he was just being considerate

did you happen to go see the Black Keys at the JLC?

it's because you're Asian, wasn't it ? FYL man...

iLoveBoobies21 0

captain obvious strikes again!

it might not b that. he might've been goin somewhere else an the friend didn't kno

You should have courteously replied "Well, **** you very much. Good night."

a_nutritionist 10

@166 uh no. you dont "expect" people to do things for you without either asking or confirming beforehand. clearly they had things to do, or wanted to discuss something important that was none of this douchebags business. YDI for expecting people to do things for you, and not speaking with them about it. or YDI for having discussed it beforehand and not giving us this crucial piece of information.

lolwutsameme 0

neighbor* anyone catch that? neighbor... lol

a_nutritionist 10

@181 no we all figured it was obvious that it was spelt correctly and didnt see the need to point it out for you.

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, it's either gas money, or some ass honey...

GAS, GRASS, OR ASS!! No one rides for free.

ImaWiseGuy 5

shhhit, thought a girl posted it...

Tjack_atack 0

i hate that akward moment when my neighbor doesn't give me a ride home

SoCalNicole 0

I agree. dude that blows. :/ fyl

jazziness 12

maybe he had to go somewhere else...

ever thought maybe they weren't going home?

And if they were going somewhere else, you can't assume they'd want you to tag along just so you could get a ride home at the end of the night. Strip club, maybe?

They should have told them at least because if they went together I would assume OP's parents or the friends parents drove them. If it was OP's parents then it would be very rude not to notify the OP they were not going to reciprocate.

lucas18xx53 0

outa respect for the 69 I didn't like this comment

bigmanj28 0

Did you establish that cause humanity's getting simpler as time goes by

Mi24hind 0

Either there going somewheres else, or they REALLY don't like you.

I Lol'd at this, haha I could just picture op doing that hahahahaaha

And they let you ride as they stop infront of a police station. Great plan.

on the contrary I think it's rude to expect a ride perhaps you should of asked before hand to make sure you didn't look like a total ass

HU4L188 0

well if he went to the concert WITH his friend then the friend should be providing the ride