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Today, my teacher assigned us teams in a class debate. I landed on the team that had to argue the obviously wrong point of view. When I finished, my teacher told me and the entire class how much I disturbed her, and how I reminded her of Hitler and Napoleon. FML
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16- You are so ignorant. It's astounding that someone could say something THAT ignorant. Please tell me how Obama is worse than say, Hitler or Napoleon. I'd love to hear it. I understand that you may be against his ideas, but that was beyond ignorant of you.

  Futacy  |  29

Being compared to Hitler (in terms of debating skills) is not that bad. How do you think he worked his way up to leader of Nazi Germany? He did it through debate... and finding people stupid enough to carry out his plans.


39, did you know napoleon wasnt really that small? he was actually average during those times. One reason some may think he's small is because his personal army known as the Old Guards, were a bunch of handpicked men who are 6 ft tall and with (sometimes) body building bodies. Pretty cool huh? The more you know! :D

  JackeeDawn  |  9

The top ten speeches of all time, in the history of man.. Hitler had 5 of them. You obviously did something right OP. We can all agree here you are good at arguing.


Yes this means that you were convincing, which was the point of the exercise I guess? Your teacher should have been cleverer though and not voice a silly opinion like that in front of everyone. What did she expect you to do, argue with the other team point of view?
Besides, it’s pretty stupid to put Napoleon and Hitler in the same basket unless she was simply referring to the megalomania of both men.

  alycion  |  38

Some of the most warped people are the best speakers. Charisma also tends to go well with that. Besides Hitler, Manson and Bundy knew how to take someone in with talking. Most of our politicians are like that too. Maybe you should look into a career as a lawyer or politician, op. sounds like you got the public speaking and debating side down.

  TSBoz  |  5

Actually, even though his actions were detestable, Hitler was, without a doubt, the best leader of the 20th century (if not throughout all of history). Think about it. He took a country that had it's military power stripped from it at the end of WWI and in a major economic depression and (within 15/20 years?) raised that country up and stood at the threshold of conquering the entire world. Tell me of any other leader in the history of the world that was able to do that?
If it hadn't been for his radical racial views and implementing the "Final Solution", history would have seen Hitler in a completely different light.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Parts of Europe and Russia is not the 'entire world', just saying. Yes, he had his talents, but he wasn't an adequate enough military leader. I'd say Napoleon was better, military wise.


I agree, it was (or at least you should take it as a complement) that she told you that.
One time in speech class my professor asked us to pick a person who was great at speeches and explain why. I said "Hitler" everyone freaked out and some laughed. But when I explained that I chose him because he was one of the greatest speaking people at that time. How else would he get thousands and millions of people to do what he asked? He was good at his speeches and was very influential. But still pretty fucked up. =
Bring on the down votes and arguments I guess. -_-

  SammyS2012  |  21

26- I completely agree with you. Whenever that topic comes up in class, I always say hitler and then clarify that I'm not a neo-Nazi. People's emotions get in the way when Hitler's name is said, but in reality, he was very charismatic and knew about to give a good speech. He had horrible plans and such, but I don't think anyone can deny that he knew how to give a speech.